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Bonterra Premier Support

Social good software is a mission-critical resource. Invest in the technical expertise and prioritized support you need to unlock your platform's potential.

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Fundraising and Engagement Premier Support

Make the most of your team, software, and fundraising efforts.

  • Proactive 360-degree platform reviews
    Alleviate the headache of managing a platform on your own with your dedicated Bonterra expert.
  • Flexible project management and data service capacity
    Access the capacity and expertise you need to carry out challenging projects.
  • Hands-on training and coaching
    Learn how to get the most value out of your platform so you can drive better fundraising and supporter engagement outcomes.
  • Prioritized support and escalation pathways
    Keep your team unblocked and focused on your mission with prioritized support.
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Strategic Philanthropy Premier Support

Technology is key for running your business, and corporate giving isn’t an exception. Make the most out of your Strategic Philanthropy platform with Premier Support.

  • Prioritized admin and employee support
    Skip the line and save your team time with prioritized support to help you reach your giving goals faster and easier than ever before.
  • Regular 360-degree platform reviews
    Your Bonterra expert will help you get the most value from your technology investment.
  • Proactive extension design
    Get hands-on help designing a Strategic Philanthropy platform that meets your business needs and can scale with you as you grow.
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Impact Management Premier Support

Your impact management software is essential to your work. Choose Premier Support to help you maximize its potential, so you can more easily scale your impact and secure more funding.

  • Prioritized support and escalation pathways
    Skip the line with priority email, live chat, and proactive follow-ups to help your team focus on program improvement.
  • Dedicated subject matter expert  
    Take advantage of hands-on technical expertise to help you effectively use your software for your most complex projects or tedious tasks.
  • Program management
    Leverage a dedicated project manager to help you more easily and efficiently manage challenging projects. 

  • On-demand and personalized training
    Learn how to get the most value out of your platform and improve program outcomes. 

Achieve Greater Good with Bonterra

Join the ranks of leading organizations using Bonterra technology for maximum impact

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