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Fundraising and Engagement Pricing

Discover the best fundraising technology for your organization with Bonterra's portfolio of Fundraising and Engagement offerings.

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Fundraising software for every nonprofit

Whether you’re starting small or scaling big, Bonterra fundraising technology can help you attract donors, increase engagement, and empower your supporters. Choose from three product tiers based on your nonprofit’s unique fundraising needs.


Easy-to-use, all-in-one fundraising technology designed for smaller nonprofits


A unified suite of fundraising and engagement tools perfect for growing organizations


Our enterprise-grade, AI-powered platform built to maximize results and revenue

Which fundraising technology is right for you?



Volunteer Management

Giving Days

Events and Auctions

Nonprofit CRM


The following add-ons are designed to unlock customer and supporter value for one or more of the solutions above.

  • Dedicated Short-code SMS Setup (Random): Use a randomly assigned 5- or 6-digit number designed for high-throughput SMS and MMS messaging
    Prerequisite solutions: F&E Pro, F&E Enterprise or Engagement
  • Dedicated Short-code SMS Setup (Vanity): Use a customer-selected 5- or 6-digit number designed for high-throughput SMS and MMS messaging.
    Prerequisite solutions: F&E Pro, F&E Enterprise or Engagement
  • SmartVAN: Access the voter file to improve the targeting and results of organizing.
    Prerequisite solutions: F&E Pro, F&E Enterprise
  • Importacular Sync: Leverage a bi-directional integration between Bonterra with Razors Edge CRM.
    Prerequisite solutions: F&E Pro, F&E Enterprise, Engagement, Volunteer Management or Nonprofit CRM

Note: customer subscriptions will include payment processing fees related to all financial contributions. The details of those fees will appear in customer contracts.

Transform fundraising at your organization

FAQs about Fundraising and Engagement pricing

Our standard pricing varies based on unique business needs, the size of your organization, and what features you would like to include. It’s always, however, in line with market standards for nonprofit fundraising software. Please reach out to get a pricing quote specific to your organization.

You can address changing usage needs when you renew your contract with our dedicated contracts renewal team.

Pricing is tiered based on the length of renewal, so in general, you can expect better pricing for a longer-term commitment. Our dedicated contracts renewal team will work with you to best optimize your contract and pricing.

We do charge a fee if customers increase their records and move into the next tier. Your Account Manager will contact you before any pricing changes take effect to discuss your future usage needs.

Pricing for an admin user band varies by plan. We can help recommend which plan would best support your organization’s requirements and objectives.

Of course. Simply reach out to your Account Manager.

We’d recommend working with your Account Manager to identify the right contract duration for your needs. 

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