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We are now Bonterra

Explore how our relationships power the doers.

Discover how Bonterra partners can help doers of good maximize their impact.

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Accelerate your work

Our partnerships help social good organizations achieve more. See how our three types of vetted partners, plus sector-wide strategic alliances, can help you power your purpose.

Service partners

Service providers with the technical know-how doers of good need in order to better the world.

Service partners:

  • Help the doers deploy and implement their Bonterra solutions. 
  • Lead Bonterra customers through configuring and maintaining their technology.  
  • Guide these doers through growing their Bonterra solutions.
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Technology partners

Technology providers offering social good organizations tools to help them power their purpose.

Technology partners:

  • Extend Bonterra customers’ capabilities with your application, platform, or product.
  • Tailor customers’ technology with custom integrations. 
  • Help the doers make the most of their investments.

Growth partners

Experts helping the doers get the most from their technology, processes, and programs.

Growth partners:

  • Consult on technology selection for organizations driving social impact.
  • Steer the doers through the change management processes behind successful technology adoption projects.
  • Provide valuable expertise in fundraising, supporter engagement, advocacy, and other areas of strategic and programmatic importance.
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DNL OmniMedia
Double the Donation
Maureen Wallbeoff
Media Cause
Raise HECK
TrueSense Marketing
WealthEngine, an Altrata company

Unlocking potential together

Bonterra partners and strategic alliances help the doers make the most of their technology investments to create a deeper impact

Social good organizations

Browse hundreds of official Bonterra partners and find the expert support you deserve—because if you’re making social good happen, you shouldn’t have to go it alone.

Official partners

Build expertise in our solutions and channel your years of experience in the social good sector into supporting the doers at customer organizations. Because you’ve got their back—just like we do.

Relationships with sector experts

Keep an eye on the big picture. We collaborate with professional associations to create a deeper impact across the whole social good space.

Relationships with experts across the sector

Bonterra is proud to sponsor and collaborate with experts, professional associations, and thought leaders across the social good landscape.

AFP Global
Direct marketing association of Washington
Direct marketing and fundraising association
Giving Institute and Giving USA

Partnerships make us stronger

Bonterra partners are experts in their fields—many of them former practitioners themselves—working with us to support the doers. Sound like you? Let’s get connected.

Become a Partner