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We are now Bonterra
Culture, values, & DEIB

See how we bring our purpose to life.

At Bonterra, our culture is centered on our purpose-driven values and commitment to DEIB. 

Man and woman sitting at computer in office with colleagues in the background

We power those who power social impact

To truly champion the doers behind organizations that make social good possible, we must first champion our internal doers. We developed purpose-driven values that inform our culture and guide our actions as a business, as an employer, and as individuals.

Getting to know our values

When we set out to create our values, we knew it would be a pivotal moment in our company’s history—and that we needed to get it right. We engaged employees from across the organization in meaningful conversations around our vision, strategy, and brand identity. Together, they developed the following core values to guide our work and our journey as Bonterra.

Elevate the doers of good

As the optimistic advocates supporting the people behind the scenes of social good, we’re always looking for ways to elevate our customers—the doers of good—so more good can be done. We achieve this by collectively flexing our passion for impact and our tech smarts to help our customers do more good.

Two businesswomen working together on a computer at an office.
A diverse group of people smiling and laughing with their arms around each other.

Cultivate inclusivity

No matter our position, identities, or background, we own our part in making a working environment in which the multiple dimensions of diversity are embraced. We are passionate and diligent about cultivating a culture where everyone can thrive.

Innovate courageously

Delivering innovative solutions requires curiosity and a growth mindset. We keep our customers at the core of what we do and leverage our deep industry expertise to solve unimagined possibilities and unmet needs. We encourage our workforce to be courageous, favor progress over perfection and celebrate hard work.

Group of coworkers collaborating on a project on their laptop.
A female nonprofit employee smiles, using effective intake forms to speed up her work.

Appreciate the journey

As an organization, we are driven by an urgent purpose—sometimes, that can be a heavy load to carry. However, it’s why we remember to welcome the days with optimism and meet each other with warmth, humor, and openness. We understand that taking our work seriously doesn’t mean we don’t get to enjoy the ride, and we are grateful for this opportunity to take part in the purpose of Bonterra.

Our Commitment to DEIB

At Bonterra, we commit to deliver diversity as a source of strength, integrate inclusion in our daily interactions with our people, processes and technology, enact equity for fairness, and support a sense of belonging within our team. These principles are not just key to our success; they drive innovation, enhance employee well-being, boost market competitiveness, and align with our social responsibility. As a company, we are committed to the ongoing cultivation of a culture that acts as a powerful catalyst for positive impact within our organization and in the broader community.

A group of friends sharing content and ideas in team work meeting

Diversity: who we are

There is strength in diversity. It's the discovery, celebration, and leveraging of the unique experiences, perspectives, and talents we bring to Bonterra. The rich tapestry of who we are collectively propels us forward to reach our goals as an organization, as a community and as people.

Two diverse businesswomen talking while sitting at the worktable.

Equity: how we do it

Equity is the mechanism that ensures fairness. It's our commitment to recognizing and rectifying imbalances and enabling every team member to have the right tools at the right time to succeed. By prioritizing equity, we set the stage for a workplace where merit and potential are the determinants of success.

Team applauding after meeting.

Inclusion: what we do

Each day. Each Moment. We have a choice. Inclusion is not a standalone act; it's a daily practice woven into the fabric of our work. It's how we engage, collaborate, and respect one another in our jobs and how we interact with our people, processes, and technology to create a safe, inclusive environment.

Happy volunteers bonding after environmental cleanup at public park.

Belonging: how we feel

Belonging is the emotional connection we foster between each other and the organization. It's about creating a thriving organizational ecosystem where each team member feels seen, accepted, and valued for who they are. It forms the bedrock of a positive workplace culture, leading to increased employee well-being, satisfaction, productivity, and organizational success.

Building a culture driven by DEIB

We know it is imperative to infuse diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) throughout the employee experience to cultivate an empowered workforce and an inspired company culture. Here’s how we’re building our program:

African American therapist leading a group therapy and pointing at one of the participants.

Laying the foundation

Our end-to-end employee experience is guided by our core value, cultivate inclusivity. From day one, we seek to ensure all employees feel that they belong by celebrating individuality and encouraging open conversations.

A Smiling female leader discussing sales presentation with workers in boardroom at meeting.

Empowering our leaders

Our leaders are provided with guidance, support, and resources to create a more inclusive environment for individuals across the organization. 

Two business colleagues sitting at the table and talking to each other while planning work in team at business meeting.

Educating our workforce

Our teams get access to the education, insights, and space for open discussion that’s needed to help our employees actively participate in cultivating an inclusive culture.

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