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Grants management software

Build strategic nonprofit partnerships that drive more social impact with less work for your teams.

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A Grants management software that delivers strategic funding with maximum efficiency

With access to the largest network of vetted nonprofits and easier approvals for your team, you’ll deliver better, faster funding.

How it works

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See how our grants management software can help corporate funders build and strengthen nonprofit partnerships for more strategic funding and maximum social impact.  

Grants administrators gain access to the industry’s largest network of rigorously pre-vetted nonprofits and our rapidly expanding set of deep, direct relationships. These records include critical information like banking details, cause overview, and 501(c)(3) status, reducing administrative work associated with maintaining accurate nonprofit profiles. Provide nonprofits with a user-friendly, customizable portal that can be used to find potential funding opportunities and build relationships with grantmakers. 

Accelerate approvals with tailored workflows, automated nudges, and end-to-end visibility at each stage of the application process. Deliver funds quickly and offload the administrative burden of managing payments with Bonterra’s Disbursements Service. Confidently manage risk with customized user permissions, air-tight organization vetting, and audit trails. 

Start reporting impact immediately with more than 15 pre-built dashboards designed to measure outcomes and meet common regulatory requirements, including the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). Integrate our analytics tool directly into workflows to drive real-time automation, decision-making, and consistency across your entire grants management process. Measure impact according to your company’s specific needs with drill down and self-service dashboard builder capabilities. 

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Get started with grants management software

Tap into the largest network of vetted nonprofits, workflows that meet your needs, and analytics tools that measure outcomes, not just outputs. 

Frequently asked questions

Grant management software is a specialized tool designed to streamline the process of applying for, awarding, and managing grants. Bonterra Grant Management helps funders efficiently manage every stage of the grant lifecycle, from initial application to final reporting. Our grant management system centralizes grant information, automating tasks, and tracking progress. Bonterra can help scale corporate funding by enabling users to effectively manage their grant programs and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. 

The best way to track grants effectively is to utilize a grant management system or software specifically designed for grant tracking. Bonterra’s platform offers features like program setup, budget management, grant configuration, workflow automation, email communication management, and grant distribution tracking. By centralizing all grant related information and tasks in one system, funders can streamline their grant tracking progress, ensure compliance and accountability, and optimize their grant management efficiently. 

To support international causes, like disaster relief, Bonterra partners with a leading marketplace of vetted nonprofits, the Charities Aid Foundation. This organization takes your reputational risk as seriously as we do and can be integrated directly into our platform, empowering you to confidently launch international programs. 

Bonterra’s native analytics tool provides key insights that go beyond standard reporting. For example, our Community Impact Dashboard provides grantmakers access to immediate geographic visualizations of their impact. This enables grants administrators to easily meet reporting requirements and shift investments in real-time to maximize strategic impact. Our software also allows you to seamlessly transition from our analytics tool into your grantmaking workflows and then back again. This means that as you are reviewing dashboards or reporting impact, you can make data-driven decisions without switching systems. This helps grants administrators improve their decision quality and speed, ultimately driving greater impact with less administrative burden. 

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