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Corporate philanthropy technology trends to follow in 2023

March 07, 2022
Colleagues standing in a small group discuss corporate philanthropy technology trends.

Adaptability is critical for corporations intent on collecting more employee corporate social responsibility (CSR) contributions. After all, a successful approach to soliciting gifts is donor-focused, meaning you should meet donors where they are in terms of donation options—and anticipate where they’re going.

Here are some other convenient, tech-forward giving options you can offer to your employees to boost your CSR campaign’s effectiveness. Make this year your most successful yet by following these corporate philanthropy technology trends.

Digital wallets

The popularity of digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay is increasing. Most phones have built-in accurate and convenient facial recognition software, making it safe and trustworthy for donors. Digital wallets also eliminate the trouble of having to drop everything to get a payment card and input its information, which prevents transaction abandonment.  

QR codes

The QR code system has helped fundraising thrive and it doesn’t show any signs of going away. Now that smartphones have built-in QR code scanners in their cameras, they are even more convenient for donors. Posting a web address to your digital donation page in a print ad is effective when done correctly, but QR codes can elevate your marketing strategy by preventing user error when entering the URL.


Cryptocurrency donations are a big up-and-comer in the corporate philanthropy industry. Cryptocurrency is an entirely digital currency that is still tax-deductible when donated directly to a nonprofit organization. Its marketplace is worth over $3 trillion and it has over 420 million users worldwide. Very few organizations offer this option currently, but your company can get ahead of the curve by encouraging cryptocurrency donations. 

Payment apps

Providing the option to use PayPal or Venmo entices donors who prefer to use these payment services. In fact, 55% of donors said they would likely donate if fundraising campaigns presented these options. Many of your employees likely use these apps on a daily basis and trust them, making it the perfect solution for quick donations. 


Companies are leveraging special microsites to respond to recent events or support a specific cause. From the pressing need of a natural disaster to a Giving Tuesday campaign, companies are devoting specific online spaces to increasing awareness about and giving to worthwhile causes.

Since a microsite is separate from your corporate homepage, you can deck it out in custom branding for your specific campaign without altering your existing website. Plus, you can embed the link to the campaign’s donation page directly in the page for convenience.

Recurring giving processors

Planned or recurring giving is already a valuable fundraising asset because it allows donors to act now to ensure the future of nonprofit organizations. In fact, recurring donors are estimated to give 440 times more than a one-time donor in their lifetime, so it’s crucial to ensure that their donation journey is seamless.

While the majority of transactions are still happening offline, many of them could be transferred online to save time and resources. Use a donation processor like Bonterra Corporate Social Responsibility’s Giving & Matching solution to conveniently collect and record recurring donations from your employees to your nonprofit partner. Once these donations are initiated, it’s likely to mean sustainable income for your nonprofit partner for years to come.

Corporate philanthropy technology: The big picture

There are many excellent opportunities for fundraising in 2023 thanks to the plethora of giving options you can offer your supporters. Start the year off right by defining your CSR strategy, broadening your giving options with technology, and learning more about Bonterra’s solutions to more efficiently manage your programs. Whether your employees prefer giving via mobile app or computer, these technologies open up new doors for fundraising in 2023 and beyond.

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