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Meet the right donors, converse better, and hit fundraising goals with Bonterra's solutions for strong donor relations, easy giving, and more raising.

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Nonprofit fundraising solutions and technology for all

Raise more money more efficiently with tools for everyone — from chief “everything” officers to digital fundraisers to development directors and beyond.

How it works

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Track every single interaction with your donors and effortlessly manage relationships through a unified supporter record.

Draft, test, automate, and analyze all your donor outreach in one place, across email, mobile messaging, and more. Effortlessly report on your fundraising outcomes to all the right people at just the right times.

Track pledges, manage grants, and take action on major gift prospects and donors through expert-built dashboards, research tool integrations, and intelligent relationship management. Automate reminders, messages, and more to help busy staff manage each relationship.

Personalize your appeals, upgrade and retain more donors, and time each ask just right through precise targeting and predictive analytics-powered optimization. Securely manage every piece of donor data, so you can use it to make every donor dialogue more effective.

Award-winning fundraising solutions

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Give your development team the support you need from tools built for nonprofits.

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Extend your capacity with add-ons designed to meet fundraisers’ needs

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Volunteer management

Engage volunteers — who are twice as likely to donate as non-volunteers — and seamlessly build toward other types of support. Create, run, and track volunteer opportunities and events, then convert supporters into donors via well-timed nudges.

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Events and auctions

Plan, host, and report on in-person, hybrid, and virtual events to raise money to fuel your mission. Send invites, track RSVPs, and configure your auction to best suit your organization’s needs.

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Giving days

Manage a whirlwind 24-hour fundraising event with the right tools. Raise more funds in a limited period of time through livestream, text-to-give, and leaderboard functionalities.

Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re acquiring your first 100 donors or managing a nonprofit supporter base of 100,000, there’s a Fundraising and Engagement solution to meet your needs. Talk to us to find the right fit for your organization.

Bonterra Fundraising and Engagement offers a range of options, from data migration and customer onboarding included for smaller organizations to more custom migration planning and account management options for mid-sized and larger nonprofits. We’d love to help you navigate your move to Bonterra.

Bonterra takes the security and reliability of our solutions seriously. With over two decades of experience in the nonprofit software space, we understand how important it is to safeguard supporter records, understand how your data is stored, and adhere to industry best practices and protocols — especially for organizations working with sensitive information. Talk to us to learn more about how our solutions can meet your security standards.

A nonprofit fundraising CRM enables nonprofits to store, update, and generate reports on all donor data. A nonprofit CRM is also known as a nonprofit database or donor management system.

Fundraising enables organizations to boost awareness of their mission and engage with sponsors and donors. This fosters relationships with like-minded community members, resulting in increased support and a committed base of volunteers and advocates. Nonprofit fundraising plays a pivotal role in funding core missions, covering operational expenses, creating educational initiatives, and enhancing services for future beneficiaries. Irrespective of size, a fundraising solution is a fundamental aspect of a nonprofit's business model.

For the last 20+ years, Network for Good has helped more than 8,000 small to medium sized nonprofits build their supporter base. Known for its easy-to-use software and accessible fundraising coaches, Network For Good has always provided the technology and expertise nonprofits need to fundraise and manage donors.

Network For Good is now part of the Bonterra family as “Bonterra Fundraising Essentials.” This new packaging for Network For Good doesn’t just retain everything that made it the industry leader for small and medium nonprofit fundraising – it deepens and sharpens that focus. Fundraising Essentials is the simplest, most holistic and most powerful packaging of Network For Good software to date. And it will only get better. As Network for Good joins a platform with over 20m profiled supporters and 640 million daily transactions, our vision is to continually make the nonprofit experience easier and the supporter experience more intelligent.

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