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Boost employee participation

Employee giving software

Spark meaningful connections between your employees and nonprofits to unlock the transformative benefits of employee engagement programs.

Three employees volunteer together to plant a tree as part of a company’s employee engagement efforts.

Connect employees and nonprofits with Bonterra's employee giving software

Make it easy for employees to find and give to nonprofits they care about, boosting participation, increasing retention, and maximizing social impact.

How it works

This nonprofit leader is using his computer to analyze data using donor management software.

Align corporate philanthropy with your employees’ passions and make giving simple, easy, and fun with our employee engagement solution. 

Empower employees to find and connect with preferred nonprofits through a searchable record of 160,000 rigorously pre-vetted organizations. Maximize the potential of these relationships through a flexible dollars for doers nomination process and a simple, user-friendly matching gift experience. Nonprofits can scale these critical relationships with native reporting tools to demonstrate impact, incentivizing employees to offer continued support.

Don’t let geographical location stand in the way of making an impact. With international credit card giving capabilities, your teams can effortlessly provide giving and matching gift programs to all employees, regardless of location. Access a database of nonprofits in over 100 countries, along with outsourced risk management and vetting, and flexible giving methods and card options, to seamlessly enhance employee engagement and retention efforts.  

Build workplace giving programs tailored to your business, employees, and nonprofit partners’ needs. Save time managing your efforts with a single, intuitive administrative platform. Offer employees a personalized donor portal reflecting their giving and volunteering preferences for easy access to aligned opportunities and events. Enhance the impact of their activities with a simple, user-friendly matching gift experience, encouraging employees to request company matches.

Access standard dashboards and self-service analytics that offer key insights across your entire portfolio of giving and volunteerism programs. Use this data to more deeply understand your employees’ donor preferences and behavior through metrics like causes supported, participation frequency, donation size, and more. These insights allow you to understand participation trends, identify donors who are more likely to give, and tailor programs to meet their preferences. 

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Get started with employee giving software

With an unparalleled network of nonprofits and tools to make participation easy, you’ll maximize engagement and retention efforts. 

Frequently asked questions

An employee giving program, also known as a workplace giving program, is a corporate initiative that allows employees to donate to charitable organizations through payroll and credit card giving. Bonterra’s employee engagement platform not only enables employees to support causes they care about, but our solution also fosters a culture of giving. Our employee giving software is a great tool for leading corporations to use to make a positive impact in communities and engage employees in meaningful social responsibility efforts.

CyberGrants is now Bonterra! Our team of experts has optimized CyberGrants’ technology to give you a best-in-class employee giving platform. Some features of our giving solution include nonprofit vetting, matching gifts, disbursement services, volunteer activity management, social sharing, and disaster relief programs. 

Bonterra’s employee giving software is a great way to promote corporate philanthropy programs and foster a culture of giving within your organization. To kickstart your program, it’s best to start by assessing your employees’ interests, identifying the causes they want to support, and understanding how they want to participate. From there, you’ll need to set clear goals, choose a flexible platform, encourage participation, and measure program outcomes. 

Bonterra offers international credit card giving capabilities, allowing employees to give to more than 300,000 nonprofits in over 100 countries. This rigorously vetted list is provided by our long-standing DAF partner, Charities Aid Foundation, who we also work with for domestic disbursements.

For more than 20 years, CyberGrants has been committed to connecting the world’s givers to those who can benefit from their gifts, driving global change through corporate philanthropy. Known for its comprehensive CSR solutions, grants management workflows and impacting reporting capabilities, CyberGrants has always helped corporations turn their philanthropic ambitions into real world impact.

CyberGrants is now part of the Bonterra family as “Bonterra Strategic Philanthropy.” This new branding of the same powerful CyberGrants software represents our sharpened and expanded vision for the product. Bonterra connects the CyberGrants product with a rich network of nonprofit relationships and outcome data. Building on this new foundation, “Bonterra Strategic Philanthropy” uses a combination of intelligent matching technology, powerful workflow engines, and a deep network of both nonprofits and strategic funders to make it easy to discover, fund and nurture nonprofit partnerships.

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