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Strategic Philanthropy Pricing

Support your unique workplace giving programs with our portfolio of à la carte and integrated strategic philanthropy solutions.

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Industry-leading strategic philanthropy software

Bonterra Strategic Philanthropy platforms give corporations the tools and technology to boost employee participation, scale corporate funding, and even unify giving and grantmaking. Focus on one program or bring them together in our integrated Enterprise offering.

Employee Engagement

Workplace giving software that makes it easy for employees to connect and give back

Grants Management

Powerful grants management software that optimizes program operations and outcomes


An end-to-end platform that unifies employee engagement, grants management, and reporting

Choose the right strategic philanthropy solution for you

Grants Management

Bonterra Grants Management is designed to help corporations find, vet, and connect with nonprofit partners that align with funding priorities, business objectives, and values. It streamlines program management, reduces administrative effort, and increases impact by providing a single platform for managing grantmaking programs.

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Grant Program Management

Grant Distribution and Tracking

Reporting and Insights

Employee Engagement

Bonterra Employee Engagement is designed to help corporations   engage employees in giving and volunteerism activities. It streamlines program management, reduces administrative effort, and increases employee participation by providing a single platform for managing employee engagement programs.

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Employee Engagement Program Management

Employee Giving Management

Volunteer Activity Management

Reporting and Insights


Bonterra Strategic Philanthropy Enterprise is designed to combine our Grants Management solution and Employee Engagement solution into a unified platform to maximize the impact and efficiency of corporate giving programs. It also comes with industry-leading reporting capabilities that provide the comprehensive and nuanced insights required to continually optimize philanthropic initiatives.

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Strategic Philanthropy Enterprise

All features above, including:

The following add-ons are designed to unlock additional customer value for one or more of the solutions above.

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Strategic Philanthropy Add-ons

Ready to revolutionize workplace giving?

FAQs about Strategic Philanthropy pricing

Our standard pricing varies based on unique business needs, the size of your organization, and what features you would like to include. It’s always, however, in line with market standards for nonprofit fundraising software. Please reach out to get a pricing quote specific to your company.

Our solutions are each priced based on one simple value metric: 

  • Bonterra Grants Management is priced based on user licenses. Pricing scales based on the tier of user licenses your organization falls into. 
  • Bonterra Employee Engagement and Bonterra Strategic Philanthropy Enterprise are priced based on number of employees. Pricing scales based on the tier of employees your organization falls into. 

Bonterra Employee Engagement and Strategic Philanthropy Enterprise both come with unlimited admin licenses. This enables teams to design the programs and workflows they need without having to worry about license allocations.

Our insights and reporting capabilities are fully included. With every Bonterra Strategic Philanthropy solution, you get: 

  • A library of turn-key best practice dashboards  
  • Self-service capabilities that enable ad-hoc analysis​ 
  • A set number of Insights licenses based on list price tier  
  • The option to buy more a la carte as necessary 

Our disbursement service is included in all three of our Bonterra Strategic Philanthropy solutions. Although there is not a separate recurring cost to add this service, transactions that go through our disbursement services are subject to standard processing fees. The details of those processing fees will be included in your contract.

Pricing is tiered based on the length of renewal, so in general, you can expect better pricing for a longer-term commitment. Our dedicated contracts renewal team will work with you to best optimize your contract and pricing.

You can address changing usage needs when you renew your contract with our dedicated contracts renewal team.

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