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We are now Bonterra
We are more than software: we are a force for social good.

About Bonterra

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Our purpose

We propel every doer of good to their peak impact.

The Bonterra vision: 3% by ‘33

At Bonterra, we stand “for the greatest good.” It’s more than our tagline: it’s our commitment to how we innovate, how we operate, and the impact you can expect as a customer or partner.

Bonterra was founded in 2021, inspired by Sir Ronald Cohen’s world-changing approach to business. As the father of social investing and a key visionary in our creation, Sir Cohen believes that companies can do even better by “doing good” — actively creating a positive impact on the world. It’s worked: in just a few years, we’ve become the second-largest social good software company in the world.

Our vision is to increase giving from 2% of US GDP to 3% by 2033 — a number that hasn’t changed significantly in the last 50 years. It’s an incredibly ambitious goal, and we’re committed to meeting it by using our technology, innovation, and leadership to increase trust in the entire social good ecosystem.

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That means inspiring every able American to give or volunteer, not just the wealthiest. It means enabling everyone to use their voices to amplify the causes they believe in. It means increasing the outcome of every dollar and getting more from every volunteer hour.

Our vision doesn’t stop there, and neither does our technology. Corporations can give more, grant more, and match more — with the same rigorous measurement and accountability they use to run their businesses. Foundations will know where to channel their money, and when, to achieve the greatest impact against their missions.

In the words of Sir Ronald Cohen: “As (we) show that (we) can deliver a desirable combination of impact and financial return . . . impact investment will become more than a moral choice. It will become a smart business decision. In short, doing good can be excellent business.”

The world's leading social good technologies are now Bonterra

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Our social good impact, by the numbers

Organizations of every size – from brand-new nonprofits to Fortune 500 enterprises — use Bonterra solutions across fundraising and engagement, strategic philanthropy, and impact management to further their missions and drive the strongest outcomes imaginable.

2023 Bonterra Impact Report

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How our customers are changing the world

Hear straight from Bonterra customers as they tell their inspiring stories of reaching their peak impact with Bonterra social good software. Read their case studies.

Partnering for social change

To drive peak impact, we partner with the leading organizations across the social good ecosystem — including world-class service and technology experts. See who we work with today, and how to partner with Bonterra.

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What we believe in

We know the importance of creating a company where everyone has equal opportunity. Discover how our values guide us — including our commitment to DEIB.

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Elevate doers of good

Fuel growth, power with partnership, and do the best work of our lives. 

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Cultivate inclusivity

Open doors, create space, and center diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. 

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Innovate courageously

Be curious, deeply understand our clients, and innovate to propel them to peak impact.

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Own the outcome

Be accountable to our vision — and execute against it relentlessly.

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Do well by doing good

Embrace measurable impact in every business decision we make.

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Bonterra's latest news

Read what’s new at Bonterra — from key insights and press coverage to awards, trends, and more.

Awards and recognition

We’re proud of our award-winning technology — and grateful to the social good organizations that recognize us for amplifying their impact.

TrustRadius winter 2023 Bonterra award for best relationship
TrustRadius winter 2023 Bonterra award for best feature set
TrustRadius winter 2023 Bonterra award for best value for price
TrustRadius winter 2023 Bonterra award for best of 2023