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We are now Bonterra

Meet Bonterra: Introducing our new website and tech lineup

Katie Thomas
Content marketing manager
October 23, 2023
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Today marks a milestone in our effort to become one Bonterra.

Bonterra exists to propel every doer of good to their peak impact. As an important step in bringing our purpose to life, we are launching a centralized website,, and a new and cohesive tech lineup now under the Bonterra brand.

Here’s what this means for social good leaders:

  • Access to a broader, more powerful suite of social good solutions that will allow our customers to increase efficiencies, better demonstrate their impact, and strengthen their community’s trust.
  • The ability to work with other leaders working on similar problems to coordinate resources and share successes and best practices.

Explore what’s new at Bonterra.

Our centralized website,

Today we are celebrating the new look and feel of Bonterra with the launch of an integrated and centralized website. now provides those operating within the social good sector all of the resources, solutions, and programs available from Bonterra in just one location. 

We are now better equipped to show how our customers, partners, and employees can collaborate and work together to build trust and strengthen communities. 

Bonterra website on a laptop

Within our new centralized website, you will be able to:

  • Access our full suite of social good solutions and offerings.
  • Learn about Bonterra’s values, culture, and DEIB initiatives.
  • See resources like case studies, blogs, guides, and videos to gain insights into best practices and strategies you can implement at your organization.
  • Join our Partnerships program.
  • Log in to all of your Bonterra solutions in one location.
  • See open roles at Bonterra.

“By bringing the full spectrum of Bonterra offerings, capabilities, and success stories into a single location, we aim to simplify the experience for social good organizations. Instead of exploring multiple websites, social good organizations can find products and information in one place to help them drive impact.” - Ellen Cox, Bonterra director of web strategy & production

Our unified and integrated tech lineup

As you explore the new Bonterra website, you will see the brands and products you love operating under different names. As a significant step toward one Bonterra, we have consolidated all our brands—CyberGrants®, EveryAction™, GiveGab®, Network for Good®, Salsa Labs®, and Social Solutions®—to fall under the Bonterra name.

When creating the product names that would make up Bonterra’s ecosystem of social good solutions, we held candid conversations with our front-line customers and with our internal product experts. We sought to create product names that spoke to their purpose and role within the social good ecosystem.

By offering technology that meets social good organizations at each stage, our customers become more efficient with funds, more effective at delivering services, and drive more change in the world than ever before—connecting the dots to improve outcomes across entire communities.

“Since Bonterra was formed, our product vision has been to create an intuitive, intelligent, and actionable ecosystem built on the software products that brought us here today. We continue to believe that the products we have built are more powerful when they are used together versus existing in different silos. At the same time, we’re not losing sight of what made each of our products successful before bringing them together as Bonterra. We will continue to ensure we offer the best possible solutions in the industry while making strides on integrating our products into a coherent solution for our clients.” - John Manganaro, Bonterra chief product officer

Our unified and integrated tech lineup falls under four capability areas:

  • Case Management empowers you to focus on providing services to communities with solutions that keep case details in one place.
  • Donor Engagement empowers you to take fundraising efforts to the next level, foster stronger donor relationships, and build capacity.
  • Supporter Engagement empowers you to drive action for a common cause with solutions designed to bring together volunteers, advocates, and voters.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility empowers you to maximize the impact of grants, employee giving, and volunteerism programs.

The social good brands and products you love have been incorporated into these four capability areas. See where they fall below:

Bonterra brands and capabilities

Website and product changes: Frequently asked questions

Browse these frequently asked questions to better understand what these changes mean for you.

Will this change the way that I use Bonterra products?

Customers can expect the same powerful products and world-class service they have come to expect from every Bonterra brand.

How do I log in?

We’ve created new product log-in, product support, and learning pages to enable existing customers to easily find and access the information they need on the new website.

Existing login URLs will continue to work. The website’s new login page is at, where customers can select the appropriate product that they are looking for.

What will happen to the resources I have bookmarked?

Bonterra prides itself on offering engaging and action-focused content for social good organizations. Our most up-to-date and impactful content such as blogs, podcasts, case studies, and guides, have been migrated over to our new website. If the resource you have bookmarked has been migrated, you will be automatically directed to the updated version of that resource.

How can I stay up to date with ongoing announcements from Bonterra?

Customers will continue to receive direct communications via email for announcements from Bonterra. We also recommend following us on our official social media accounts below.

How to reach us

For any additional questions or comments, please contact

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Content marketing manager
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