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Increase engagement

Digital fundraising

Build your base with a personalized, cohesive experience. Bonterra’s platform offers comprehensive profiles for intuitive, lasting connections.

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Grow and maintain your digital community

Acquire, steward, and retain supporters with the right tools for your nonprofit — for staff focused on digital fundraising, communications, advocacy, and more.

How it works

Three benefits of using donor management software for nonprofits, also explored in the sections below

Streamline your work with simple, customizable templates for nonprofit online donation pages, emails, and other digital outreach. Collect reliable data on your efforts with a system that automatically tracks all of a supporter’s activity in one single record. Easily measure and report on email clicks, mobile message opens, online form submissions, event attendance, and more.

Convert volunteers into donors, donors into advocates, and first-time supporters into long-term relationships through personalized, multichannel outreach. Help different audiences take action \ frequently and easily with customized asks, and see up to a 3.5X boost in overall conversion rates thanks to at least one pre-filled form field from supporters’ previous actions across our network. Let branched automation save staff time while delivering each supporter the right message at the right opportunity via email, mobile messaging, and other digital channels.

You’re here to make a difference. So is your community. Empower your supporters to raise their voices and remove barriers to action through online advocacy features targeting customizable decision makers. Track and share your results, and seamlessly stay in touch so you can keep advancing your mission and make more of a difference together.

Your message is too important to get lost. Switch to a reliable platform with industry-leading deliverability rates and investment for advocacy actions, email, and more. Interpret and understand digital outreach results with custom reporting, complex data management, intuitive list-building and segmentation, and functionalities that help you to better parse and act on your results. Manage access to important data through single sign-on, flexible credentialing, and a reliable platform that meets your security standards.

Award-winning technology for digital fundraising

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Get started with digital engagement software

Help your digital fundraisers, communications managers, and advocacy staff meet your nonprofit’s goals with support from technology that has your priorities front and center.

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Add-ons designed to support nonprofits’ digital engagement, fundraising, and communications programs

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Volunteer management

Take more opportunities to grow your digital base through smart event discovery. Reduce your no-show rate by up to 30% with automated event reminders, and send well-timed nudges so supporters take more steps in support of your mission. Then, keep improving your programs with automatic feedback collection and smart, straightforward reporting.

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Giving days

Make the most out of 24 hours. Remove barriers to donating and participating through text-to-give functionalities, and encourage friendly competition through leaderboards no matter whether your event is in person, hybrid, or virtual.

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Events and auctions

Expand your digital audience and steward existing supporters through in-person, hybrid, or virtual events and auctions. Manage attendee outreach in one streamlined place, and keep supporters tuned in after the event ends by sending and tracking invites, RSVPs, and timely follow-up messages. Report on your successes with just a few clicks.

Frequently asked questions

Fundraising and Engagement offers intuitive email tools like pre-built templates and a drag-and drop editor — no need to write HTML from scratch just to communicate with your supporters. However, you’re also free to code your own emails from scratch to give your supporters a more custom experience.

You’ll navigate the onboarding process, including email set-up, in a way that works for your organization size. Organizations using Fundraising Essentials will receive guidance through the data migration and onboarding process, while nonprofits using Fundraising and Engagement Pro and Enterprise solutions may benefit from working with a dedicated onboarding and data migration team to train your staff, manage your project, and help you successfully complete your move. You’ll also have access to a library of help documentation and training materials your team can access asynchronously, so everyone can learn to get the most out of your new system at times that work for them.

Digital fundraising is an ongoing process to start with online outreach techniques using websites, emails, and social media. After donors have made their first donation, you can create an automatic response where your organization stewards their gift and moves the donor in the direction of your choosing.

Through Bonterra fundraising and engagement offering we can help you raise money virtually through features like email, peer to peer fundraising, donation matching, volunteer management, events and auctions and much more. Our product can help set you up for success when it comes to virtual fundraising.

Start a crowdfunding campaign with a dedicated nonprofit crowdfunding platform. Set your fundraising goal, add photos, and describe the goals of your campaign. Publish your fundraiser and begin promoting it to your digital supporters. Encourage your supporters to interact with and share your campaign via social media.

For more than a decade, EveryAction has been supporting progressive causes and empowering the organizations leading social change. Known for its powerful digital fundraising, advocacy, development and CRM capabilities, EveryAction has always provided the industry’s most comprehensive and well-integrated set of fundraising and engagement solutions.

EveryAction is now part of Bonterra. We recognize that the core differentiation at the heart of EveryAction is its ability to deliver a unified and compelling supporter experience across the many channels and engagement types that matter for the modern-day supporter. Bonterra is deepening and sharpening that focus. That’s why we’ve integrated EveryAction with other industry-leading fundraising technology to create what we call “Bonterra Fundraising and Engagement” - a supporter experience platform that delivers one intelligent experience for every supporter.

Bonterra Fundraising and Engagement is available in a number of different flavors depending on what your organization needs. Organizations looking to maximize their supporter experience across multiple channels and engagement types typically choose between “Bonterra Fundraising and Engagement Pro” and “Bonterra Fundraising and Engagement Enterprise,” depending on their appetite for AI and need for enterprise-grade accessibility features.

Organizations focused on maximizing engagement within a specific program usually choose one of our program-specific solutions: “Engagement,” “Volunteer Management,” “Nonprofit CRM” or “Giving Days.”

Grow your digital supporter base