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Empower Supporters

Fundraising Data and Analytics

Transform supporters into leaders with software for community activation, event management, phone banking, organizing & data access to extend reach.

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Empower supporters to lead with fundraising analytics

Access reliable data that shows you which donors, volunteers, members, and advocates are ready to expand their support — for fundraisers, volunteer coordinators, advocacy managers, organizing directors, and more.

How it works

Mobile devices have opened up valuable opportunities to share news and engage with supporters, such as with hybrid fundraising events or social media posts.

Know when a supporter has clicked a link, submitted a form, RSVPed to an event, made a gift, and more with an all-in-one solution. Spot patterns in engagement and use your data to identify candidates for leadership. Make the strongest pitch for more involvement to the likeliest supporter-leaders by referencing their previous activity with you instead of sending the same ask to everyone. Share your progress in expanding capacity with your board and others thanks to easy-to-use reporting tools.

Track every single action a supporter takes, create highly customizable static or dynamic supporter lists and segments, and let branched automation help you deliver messages that keep each community member moving along their journey with you. Help donors expand the impact of a single gift without more effort thanks to workplace matching gift functionality unique to the Bonterra ecosystem. Help busy staff quickly and easily build P2P fundraising campaign assets with pre-built templates and simple drag-and-drop builders. Then, share those assets with supporters, track their impact, and report on your outcomes.

Identify and train potential leaders more quickly and effectively through a single source of truth for supporter information. Train supporters to lead their own distributed canvassing shifts, in-person or virtual phone banks, volunteer opportunities, and other events — and save those leaders from hours of manual data entry thanks to our MiniVAN app and Virtual Phone Bank tool, both of which sync back to your database of record. Support volunteer leaders with software that sends well-timed event reminders for better attendance rates, and automatically collect feedback to track the success of your new leaders and your programs as a whole.

Make the most accurate decisions and send the most impactful messages thanks to reliable, actionable supporter data. Access the information you need to make decisions about how to best engage supporters and inspire them to further action thanks to sophisticated data management capabilities. Ask supporters to step up at strategic moments with engagement points that allow you to quantify their action. Never miss a check-in on a new leader’s progress or an upgrade opportunity with predictive analytics models that identify key moments for staff to make appeals. Make it easy for supporters to take on leadership roles with intuitive but secure software thanks to customizable access levels.

Award-winning technology for fundraising data and analytics

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Build trust in your data, then use it to empower more supporters and expand your nonprofit’s capacity — all with the right technology.

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Additional solutions offering rich fundraising data and analytics

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Volunteer management

Save time inviting supporters to events, extend your reach into existing supporter networks, and increase sign-ups by almost 14% with our proven bring-a-friend functionality. Erase obstacles to participation and boost acquisition with easy share options for supporters to use after signing up for a shift.

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Giving days

Engage more supporters in less time before, during, and after your one-day event through peer-to-peer outreach. Get the support you deserve for a limited-time event with dedicated project management, dashboards, and more.

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Events and auctions

Grow your audience beyond your local community. Host more event attendees, meet even more passionate supporters, and raise critically-needed funds by staging an event or auction with hybrid or virtual components. Empower and encourage existing supporters to share your events with their networks to help you grow and meet your goals.

Frequently asked questions

Bonterra Fundraising and Engagement was built by experts to help nonprofit staff save time and build up strong relationships with supporters. Automation is a great way to help busy teams spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on building relationships. For example, our automations functionalities and easy-to-use drag and drop email builder allow fundraisers, communications managers, and volunteer coordinators to build welcome series emails, automate adding and removing codes to supporter records, assigning staff and follow-ups, and more. This not only makes your data more accurate and actionable, but it supports the efficacy of your fundraising programs too.

Built with fundraisers’ needs front and center, our tools are designed to help staff save time and raise more for the mission. For example, busy development teams can easily create email welcome series designed to help new contacts move from general supporters to sustaining donors. At that point, self-service pages empower those donors to manage their own information and donation levels, which safeguards precious donor revenue and liberates staff and donors alike from needing to connect in real time to update their payment or contact details. Lastly, our predictive analytics-driven models inform staff of the best opportunities to ask donors to upgrade their gifts and take their loyalty to the next level — all without manual work or calculations from your team. 

The importance of utilizing fundraising data and analytics for nonprofit organizations is to enhance their fundraising strategies and maximize impact. By effectively collecting, analyzing and leveraging data, nonprofit leaders can gain valuable insights into donor behavior, campaign effectiveness, and overall outcomes. Empower your decision making process, boost performance, and enhance efficiency through data-driven strategies.

A fundraising database is a tool for any nonprofit organization that wants to build and maintain relationships with its donors, track its fundraising activities, and measure its impact. A fundraising database plays a crucial role for nonprofits aiming to nurture donor relationships, monitor fundraising efforts, and gauge their overall impact.

For the last 20+ years, Network for Good has helped more than 8,000 small to medium sized nonprofits build their supporter base. Known for its easy-to-use software and accessible fundraising coaches, Network For Good has always provided the technology and expertise nonprofits need to fundraise and manage donors.

Network For Good is now part of the Bonterra family as “Bonterra Fundraising Essentials.” This new packaging for Network For Good doesn’t just retain everything that made it the industry leader for small and medium nonprofit fundraising – it deepens and sharpens that focus. Fundraising Essentials is the simplest, most holistic and most powerful packaging of Network For Good software to date. And it will only get better. As Network for Good joins a platform with over 20m profiled supporters and 640 million daily transactions, our vision is to continually make the nonprofit experience easier and the supporter experience more intelligent.

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