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Scale corporate funding

Corporate giving software

Power philanthropy to its full potential with a single platform that connects all of your programs — from employee giving to grantmaking.

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Earn benefits for your business and nonprofit with a corporate giving software

From increased retention to more strategic funding, Bonterra’s corporate giving software helps you unlock both business and social outcomes.

How it works

Seven philanthropy-focused CSR strategies, explored in the sections below

Learn how our corporate giving software can help you create a unified experience that maximizes strategic outcomes. 

Administrators can easily find nonprofits that align with their company’s business objectives and values through a searchable record of 160,000 pre-vetted organizations and a single nonprofit profile that reflects information like banking details, cause overview, 501(c)(3) status, and more. Nonprofits can search and apply for potential funding opportunities and scale corporate partnerships with single sign-on (SSO) access to company portals, native communication tools, built-in payments, and more. With software that helps facilitate strategic charitable partnerships, the potential for corporate philanthropy is limitless.

Deliver a unified corporate philanthropy experience for your administrators, employees, and nonprofits when you manage employee engagement and grantmaking efforts in a single platform. Reduce your team’s administrative work with a single admin portal, automated workflows, and integrated analytics. Increase employee participation with a user-friendly interface, international giving capabilities, and a streamlined matching gift experience. Direct more long-term, strategic support to nonprofits, maximizing their outcomes.

Access standard dashboards and self-service analytics that measure outcomes across your entire portfolio, not just siloed grantmaking or employee giving activity. With grant program outcomes, employee engagement insights, and volunteer engagement data available in real-time, you can make program improvements as you go, not just at the end of an initiative. 

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Get started with corporate giving software

Build a unified corporate philanthropy platform designed to maximize strategic outcomes for your business, employees, and nonprofit partners. 

Frequently asked questions

Corporate giving, also known as corporate philanthropy program, enables companies to support charitable causes by facilitating donations to nonprofit organizations. Typically driven by employee giving, the more employees contribute to nonprofits, the more their company will donate. 

Bonterra’s purpose-built corporate philanthropy software helps streamline and manage charitable giving initiatives. We’ll partner with your company to automate processes related to employee giving, donation matching, volunteer engagement data, and grant management. By utilizing corporate giving software, businesses can more easily track employee engagement insights and strategic philanthropy insights. This ultimately helps maximize social impact and foster a culture of giving within the company.  

Bonterra vets nonprofit organizations by verifying their tax status via the IRS Business Master File, Canadian Revenue Agency, and other global databases like Charities Aid Foundation of America to guarantee the nonprofit meets the charitable standards of our corporate customers. For additional security measures, organizations are also scanned against various watchlists on an organization and individual level.

With Bonterra Disbursements, you'll no longer have to create payable accounts for nonprofit organizations, accept and track employee donations, account for matching gifts, cut checks, or process tax receipts. A single tax receipt and reconciliation reports will dramatically reduce your internal costs. Bonterra’s Disbursements Service is also a donor-advised fund (DAF) that vets charitable organizations to protect against fraud. The fund assumes legal liability for violation of anti-terrorism legislation such as the Patriot Act, allowing you to offload legal risk.

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