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How to engage board members in GivingTuesday fundraising

November 01, 2021
A nonprofit staff member speaks to board members to get board help in GivingTuesday fundraising.

For nonprofit organizations around the world, GivingTuesday presents valuable opportunities to launch into the year-end giving season with renewed vigor and success. This global day of generosity has rocketed in popularity over the last few years, raising an estimated $3.1 billion in donations last year.

To maximize your nonprofit organization’s results this year, it’s essential to refine your GivingTuesday strategy to make the most of all of your resources—including your board members. They’re already invested in your purpose and focused on your success, so all you need is thoughtful communication and planning to harness their potential and enhance your GivingTuesday results.

Let’s dive into three effective strategies for getting your board involved in GivingTuesday fundraising.

Discuss GivingTuesday at your board meetings.

Throughout the year, your nonprofit’s board members play a pivotal role in steering your organization toward its goals. Board meetings are crucial for aligning your priorities and providing each board member with the information they need to make decisions on your overall strategy. 

Ahead of your campaign, be sure to include information about your plans for GivingTuesday in your meeting agenda. This will give you a chance to highlight the value of GivingTuesday in relation to your nonprofit’s specific goals. Board members can then voice any feedback or concerns that you can address individually.

Set your board members on the path to increased engagement by involving them in your campaign’s planning process. With your board, walk through your GivingTuesday plans by:

  • Reviewing GivingTuesday data from last year.
  • Setting a clear and achievable campaign goal.
  • Determining your budget and staff requirements.
  • Crafting messaging that will resonate with your supporters.

Once you’ve listened to your board members’ priorities and concerns, you’ll be able to build a GivingTuesday fundraising plan that your board can agree on, allowing them to understand the importance of the upcoming campaign and how they can contribute to its success.

Involve board members in your GivingTuesday marketing.

Board members can be some of the most influential voices in your nonprofit and local community, so take advantage of this opportunity to amplify their voices for GivingTuesday. Some basic ways to leverage your board in GivingTuesday marketing include:

  • Sending emails. Have each board member send out emails ahead of GivingTuesday to spread awareness of your organization and share their personal reasons for getting involved in your purpose. Utilizing your board’s network can spread your nonprofit’s reach even further on GivingTuesday.
  • Writing handwritten appeals. A handwritten note or card can go a long way toward catching supporters’ attention and making them feel valued. Provide templates for your board members to use as they write personal messages to some of your major or most loyal donors on behalf of your GivingTuesday campaign.
  • Creating and sharing #GivingTuesday social media posts. Ask your board members to communicate their story and involvement with your nonprofit on their social media accounts, encouraging them to post related pictures and videos that provide a deeper glimpse into your work. Give them messaging guidelines and ensure that they include a link to your donation page in their posts.
  • Meeting with supporters. Have your board members meet with major donors over coffee or give them a tour of your nonprofit’s facilities. Set them up for success by giving them talking points about your organization’s impact and why each major donor’s support is critical for ensuring your long-term success.

Don’t miss out on the valuable contributions your board members can provide to help you expand your nonprofit’s reach and cultivate support before GivingTuesday. Additionally, when the campaign is over, they can help with making appreciation phone calls and sending thank-you letters to those who gave on GivingTuesday.

Enlist your board in GivingTuesday fundraising efforts.

In addition to promoting your GivingTuesday campaign, provide other concrete ways for your board members to contribute to your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. For instance, they could offer their time and energy as volunteers on GivingTuesday and even throughout the year. 

Peer-to-peer fundraising is another engaging and effective way to get your board involved in GivingTuesday fundraising. Encourage your board to be some of the first participants in your peer-to-peer campaign. Have them set up individual campaign pages to solicit donations on behalf of your nonprofit. 

Leveling up your GivingTuesday fundraising

Once your board is fully equipped and eager to help make this GivingTuesday a success, take the time to optimize other aspects of your campaign. For instance, be sure to include matching gift information on your donation page and GivingTuesday communications to help supporters make the most of their contributions. 

Furthermore, as with any fundraising event or campaign, gather relevant data to evaluate your success after GivingTuesday. This will provide guidance to help you improve your plans for next year’s GivingTuesday.

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