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Promoting #GivingTuesday: An email template for nonprofits

November 01, 2021
A smiling woman looks at her phone and reads an email created using our GivingTuesday email template.

GivingTuesday, also known as #GivingTuesday, is a global day for celebrating generosity and encouraging donors to contribute to their favorite causes. Your nonprofit organization works hard to promote this opportunity and encourage your own supporters to get involved. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss strategies that you can use to market your organization’s giving opportunities on GivingTuesday. Plus, we’ve included an email template that you can use for your own campaign. 

How to promote GivingTuesday

Just like any campaign, you should promote GivingTuesday for several weeks leading up to the giving day itself. To reach as many supporters as possible, leverage several channels and vary your messages throughout this entire promotional period. Consider leveraging tools such as:

  • Email: Use drip streams to make sure your supporters read several emails about the GivingTuesday campaign prior to the actual day of giving. This will capture more interest and ensure they know about the campaign.
  • Social media: Remember that different social platforms prioritize different types of content. On TikTok and Instagram, you might promote your campaign with short videos. Meanwhile, you might write out a short message to post on Facebook. 
  • Phone calls: Prioritize your calls, ensuring you reach your major and mid-tier supporters first. Create a loose script that your staff members can follow during the call itself, but encourage them to make it their own! This personal touch will shine through in conversations. 
  • Direct mail: Some of your supporters may prefer contact via direct mail. Be sure to send these messages long enough in advance that your supporters have enough time to respond before GivingTuesday. Also, include pre-addressed envelopes that are already stamped to facilitate mailing a donation back.

Prepare for your promotional campaign by pre-writing several messages for each of these platforms. You can even keep a calendar or use a scheduling tool to help you space these messages out leading up to the campaign.

What to include in your GivingTuesday email

One of the best ways to get your supporters involved is to inform them of your upcoming fundraiser and tell them the options available for giving. You’ll likely write more than one email to them on the subject, but each email should include the following components:  

  • Snappy subject line
  • Salutation
  • When GivingTuesday is
  • How donors can give
  • What impact donations will make 

The email template below gives an idea of how you can incorporate these components into your own GivingTuesday messaging. Be sure to customize the template for your organization and for each segment of your audience.  

GivingTuesday email template

Subject Line: #GivingTuesday is [date]. Are you ready?

Dear [First Name], 

GivingTuesday is on [date]! This national holiday celebrates the generosity of individuals like you! 

In the past, you’ve shown your dedication to [organization] by contributing to [campaign or project]. You can continue making a difference this GivingTuesday! 

Your support this year will be dedicated to [project] and will help [describe the impact of the donations — for example, “provide laptops for schools in your community”].

Make your contribution by donating on our dedicated GivingTuesday campaign page below:

[Button: Give on GivingTuesday!]

Every dollar counts. Your generosity will have an immediate impact on [beneficiary and how they are impacted by purpose]. 

Thanks in advance! 


[your name]

P.S. If you would like to make a contribution today in support of GivingTuesday, please click here. [include link]

Following up after GivingTuesday

Your nonprofit’s GivingTuesday communications are important after the significant day has concluded as well. Follow up with your supporters in another email and thank them for their support.

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