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How Bonterra Program Management invests in frontline workers

June 07, 2023
Two masked frontline workers pose together, knowing they are supported by Bonterra Program management.

Bonterra Program Management (formerly Social Solutions) has a powerful origin story. Twenty years ago, Steve Butz was working in Baltimore as a social worker. He had a strong passion for helping people but spent most of his time buried in paperwork. He knew there had to be a better way, and when he saw technology transforming businesses all around him during the 2000s tech boom, he found a solution. He learned to code and wrote one of the first case management software packages, which became Program Management.

Over the decades, more than 90,000 nonprofit and public sector agency workers have used this technology. While there are exciting changes coming for Bonterra Program Management, these frontline workers remain at the center of our technology. 

Your work inspires us and, as always, we will continue to listen and invest in the products you rely on to make a difference in your community. Below, we’ve outlined questions you may have about Bonterra Program Management and the strides we’ve made to address your needs through innovative feature updates and product launches. 

Why should you be excited about Bonterra Program Management? 

You want to help drive outcomes in your community, and so does Bonterra. Our goal is to fundamentally change the way social good is delivered by empowering social impact organizations to advance their purposes through a connective, comprehensive technology ecosystem. That ecosystem is dedicated to achieving unprecedented outcomes that drive sustainable impact across entire communities. 

Nonprofit organizations, public sector agencies, corporations, philanthropists, and foundations make up the social good ecosystem we’re investing in. This ecosystem will better support you by: 

  • Providing a bird’s eye view of best practices from other parts of our platform that you may not have considered in the past. 
  • Enabling a better understanding of what led to outcomes or changes across communities.
  • Giving you the tools to share that understanding with others in meaningful ways.

Power your social impact by joining the Bonterra ecosystem. 

How does Bonterra invest in case management solutions to help frontline workers? 

We believe that relationships are how things get done. That’s why we put them at the heart of our solutions. We continue to seek feedback on how we can make our Case Management solution stronger and what tools we can build to make frontline workers’ lives easier. 

That commitment is directly reflected in our latest Case Management roadmap. We are making improvements aimed at delivering on frontline workers’ most-requested features. Here’s how we’re improving just a few of those key features: 

Time-Based Alerts

As the latest evolution of our Rules & Alerts feature, Time-Based Alerts allows Case Management [Enterprise] customers to tap into the power of automation by scheduling alert triggers for events bound in time. This means organizations are now able to schedule alerts to notify staff about key deadlines, follow-ups, and other time-based milestones, freeing up more time in a frontline worker’s day.    

Bed Management

Another highly requested feature we’re rolling out is Inventory | Bed Management, a game changer for our customers in the human services sector

With this new feature, when someone comes to your organization for help, you can now:

  • See what is available for that individual or family in real time.
  • Immediately schedule check-ins.
  • If needed, schedule check-ins over time, as well.

This is something we’ve been building toward for a long time, and we’re excited to open this feature up to early testers to provide feedback as we look to build out the longer-term functionality within the tool. 


Currently, we are completely rebuilding our Billing service from the ground up. We are improving this service so that it stands up to the performance needs of our larger-scale customers who use Billing. Soon, customers will see more accurate calculations and better performance for larger invoices.   

Moving forward, we will continue to keep an open line of communication with Case Management customers and tweak our solution based on the needs of frontline workers. We’ll work to build additional features that empower you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time serving participants and driving outcomes in your community. 

How will these upgrades create efficiencies in workflows for frontline workers? 

Strengthening the foundations of our Case Management solution is a key focus this year. As our industry and technology continue to evolve, we’re focused on ensuring we provide the best possible platform that is modern and drives efficiency. 

This year, we are doing that with several upgrades, including:

  • Reporting enhancements. These updates better enable you to gain insights and show your program’s impact, while setting you up for the long-term visibility needed to grow. Specifically, we implemented the latest Results Reporting Engine Upgrade to bring our customers a refreshed interface and several new features and fixes, such as increased stability of Webi Processors and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) functionality for scheduling
  • Easier attachment uploads. To give you time back and modernize our system, we added attachments to our Batch Upload process. Your team can now spend less time performing repetitive tasks and more time fulfilling your purpose. Adding attachments to individual touchpoints is now a breeze in Batch Upload, especially for our more complex customers who need to upload attachments across many different touchpoints within the system. 
  • More dynamic forms and assessments. Our Smart Fields | Smart List feature elevates our product’s performance and helps customers who have complex forms and assessments. You can now create a list of selectable information that comes from another form within your site, as opposed to only static information. The dynamic nature of Smart Fields | Smart List brings efficiency to organizations that want to better streamline and scale their data entry. 

We are also working to improve navigation for our customers to better streamline their user experience within our Case Management solution.

Discover why we’re better together 

Bonterra aims to make more social impact happen, together. That’s why we’re continuing to invest in the areas that make Bonterra Program Management successful for frontline workers.

To learn more about how Bonterra is working to empower stakeholders across the social good ecosystem with innovative technology, unmatched expertise, and strategic partnerships, read the full product roadmap. We are better together through collaboration and innovation, and we’re so excited to continue this journey with you.

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