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3 FAQs about case management software for human services

January 29, 2024
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Human services organizations serve their communities by helping those impacted by disasters, feeding the hungry, aiding victims of crimes, housing the homeless, advocating for children, supporting families, and protecting the health of the community, among many other causes critical to an equitable and thriving society.

The work your human services organization does and the programs you provide are vitally important for your community. But these services rely on funding, and demonstrating your impact is key to securing funding.

In this blog, we’ll answer three of the most common questions about case management software for human services. Keep reading to learn how your organization can streamline processes, control your data, and ultimately increase funding.

1. How will investing in case management software improve my human services organization’s operations?

By investing in and implementing human services software, you can improve outdated processes to increase staff satisfaction and take control of your data and impact. As a leader of a human services nonprofit or public agency, you likely see a clear need to create efficient and effective processes as well as to control and secure your data to increase funding. But if your staff are happy with your current processes, you might feel reluctant to adopt any changes in your workflow. Case management software can help in the following ways:

Streamline processes to reduce staff burnout and participant churn

As a human services organization, you likely have limited staff managing many different programs. Case management software helps to save your staff time, which will make their day-to-day work experience much easier with the following features:

  • Intake forms: A streamlined intake process allows you to serve more clients and ensure they are aligned to the right services.
  • Customizable rules and alerts: Set notifications to keep your team on track and limit administrative tasks.
  • Intuitive scheduling: Keep programs running smoothly with built-in calendar integrations.
  • Automated workflows: Customize program workflows to keep staff on the same page and establish best practices.

Easily control your program and participant data

Outdated and disparate systems lead to messy data collection and quality control. Implementing a case management solution will allow you to establish consistent data collection and formatting. Plus, it will make meeting funding requirements, reporting against goals like improved self-sufficiency and quality of care, and demonstrating impact to donors a breeze with customizable forms and reports.

Continuously improve your programming

Case management software for human services will allow your organization to improve programming. If you have maximum control of your data, you can review program outcomes to determine how effective your programming is, see where you can make improvements, and ultimately create more impact within your community.

Quality software like Bonterra Impact Management offers these streamlined features to take some of the burden off of your hard workers and help you better manage and understand your data. When staff are more productive and less stressed at work, they can help you deliver more impactful programs. In fact, organizations that use Bonterra Impact Management deliver three-and-a-half times more programs on average.

2. How can case management software help my human services organization demonstrate impact?

There are two key ways case management software helps human services organizations demonstrate impact, by streamlining data tracking and reporting and managing outcomes:

Tracking and reporting:

We know how important reporting is to demonstrating your organization’s impact, boosting funding, and meeting compliance requirements. Case management software for human services allows you to track your organization’s progress with easy-to-use reports that you can quickly share with funders.

Outcomes management

As a human services organization, outcomes management is also a massive part of your growth. Specifically, detailed data is key to evaluating your impact and crafting a compelling story out of your organization’s outcomes. Software can take you beyond limiting, manual spreadsheets and crunch all the numbers for you.

This is just scratching the surface of how case management software can help you demonstrate impact. As you research options, explore the wide variety of helpful features human services software offers.

3. How do I find the right case management software for my organization?

To find the right case management software for your organization, you need to evaluate your needs, determine which features will help you reach your goals, and evaluate software options. On top of taking your organization’s budget and existing resources into account, make sure the software you choose includes:

  • The ability to track all your important data in a single platform.
  • Features tailored to human services organizations.
  • A flexible, intuitive interface.
  • Training and ongoing support for your staff.
  • Security features to keep your data safe.

Learn more about Bonterra Impact Management

Now that you understand the pivotal impact case management software can have on your human services organization, it’s time to evaluate your options. Bonterra Impact Management offers a flexible case management solution to help your organization create more impact. Ready to get started? Learn more about Bonterra Impact Management and request a demo today!

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