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3 benefits of HMIS case management software for nonprofits

September 08, 2022
Using HMIS case management software, this housing nonprofit staff member is better able to provide services to clients experiencing homelessness.

If you operate a housing nonprofit organization, adopting smart case management software is critical in working towards your purpose. You need a system that cuts down on your staff members’ administrative and data-entry duties, freeing them up to focus on getting a roof over more heads. 

Quality case management software helps you feel confident in remaining compliant, obtaining funding, and using staff time efficiently. Let’s explore just a few reasons why we recommend case management software for your housing organization.  

1. HMIS solutions ensure compliance 

If your nonprofit receives federal and private grants—or wants to—you’re likely required to implement a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). An HMIS is a data collection system for tracking the housing services you provide and the clients you serve. To be eligible for federal and private funding, your organization must have an HMIS in place that complies with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations. 

Choosing an HUD-compliant HMIS solution like Bonterra Program Management’s Case Management solution (formerly Social Solutions) ensures that your organization remains compliant and eligible for the funding you need.

When you partner with Bonterra, you receive a proactive, one-on-one consultative service to ensure that your organization remains compliant, your data is high quality, and you can create reports in a timely manner. In addition, Bonterra Case Management simplifies program management and data collection, allowing your organization to run more efficiently and ensure participants are receiving the best services from your staff. 

2. Powerful intake capabilities help you save time and serve better

As a housing organization, your caseworkers serve a growing number of people and often juggle many different services to ensure participants receive holistic care. While the immediate need of your participants may be a bed to sleep in, your caseworkers might also refer participants to other services in conjunction with housing. To enable caseworkers to better serve every aspect of your participants’ needs, it’s critical that you implement intake processes that save staff time and energy. 

HMIS case management software like Bonterra Case Management can assist in solving these needs with robust intake tools. Here’s how it works:

  • Streamlined intake processes allow caseworkers to digitally upload relevant participant information directly into a centralized, secure database viewable by teammates and across departments. 
  • Online forms alleviate the work of your caseworkers by allowing them to offload that process onto many participants. 
  • Having a centralized location for data makes it easier to get a holistic view of important participant information and give them the care they need. 

You’ll find that this high-quality intake process allows you to better assess your clients’ needs and ensure they are aligned with the correct services.  

For example, Bonterra Program Management customer Local Investment Commission (LINC) used to crunch through paper enrollment forms for more than 6,000 people—that’s 18,000 pieces of paper. After transitioning to online forms, LINC was able to reclaim 17 weeks’ worth of staff time during its enrollment period. Imagine the time your housing nonprofit could save with a better intake process! 

3. Centralized data allows you to track outcomes effectively 

HMIS case management software centralizes your organization’s data and prevents data silos, which is when data doesn’t get shared across departments and programs, leading to gaps in important information. 

With centralized data, your organization can easily build reports for internal stakeholders and funders alike. It also allows you to clearly and accurately track the outcomes of your programs.  

By adopting Bonterra Case Management, all data will be in a central system, leaving less room for error and offering more visibility across your organization. You can pull reports from the software in a matter of minutes, which empowers your organization to be nimbler in ensuring your participants are getting the best services at every stage of their journey with you. 

Ready to amplify your housing nonprofit’s impact? 

Bonterra Case Management was made with your housing organization in mind to enable you and your caseworkers to do what they do best—help more people find stable and secure housing—in less time.  

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