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Bonterra Guided Fundraising roadmap for 2023 and beyond

June 20, 2023
Two nonprofit staff members look at a laptop and explore the new Bonterra Guided Fundraising updates.

With updates across Bonterra products, our goal is to fundamentally change the way social good is delivered by empowering nonprofit organizations. These doers of good can further their purposes through Bonterra’s connective, comprehensive technology ecosystem dedicated to achieving unprecedented outcomes that drive sustainable impact across entire communities.  

As we update Bonterra Donor Engagement’s Guided Fundraising solution (formerly Network for Good), our values and commitment to empowering small- and medium-sized nonprofit organizations remain the same. We are committed to providing the tools, support, and best-in-class resources you need to develop successful fundraising campaigns and fulfill your purpose more efficiently.

Below, we address some of the most common questions we have received about these changes. Additionally, we’re excited to share a sneak peek of the innovations coming soon on the Bonterra Guided Fundraising product roadmap.

Why should I be excited about Bonterra Guided Fundraising? 

We know our customers and those in the market for social good technology need aggregated information that they can act on rather than an overly technical solution or a single infrastructure. 

As a company that touches all parts of the social good landscape, Bonterra has a unique opportunity to:

  • Gain a bird’s eye view of fundraising dollars, grant distribution, corporate social responsibility, volunteering, and service delivery. 
  • Better understand what led to outcomes or changes across communities.
  • Easily share that understanding with customers in meaningful ways. 

This understanding, along with the expanded technology ecosystem, allows us to more effectively innovate the Guided Fundraising solution for the future. 

Guided Fundraising customers will still work with the same team members on the same secure software they love, but they will now benefit from best practices provided by other parts of our comprehensive technology ecosystem. Plus, with solutions designed for nonprofits of all sizes, Bonterra can grow and scale with your organization.  

How will Bonterra Guided Fundraising continue to support and prioritize the needs of small- to medium-sized nonprofits? 

Bonterra remains committed to empowering small- and medium-sized nonprofits. We will continue to produce resources specifically meant to serve the small- to medium-sized nonprofit audience through:

  • Blog posts
  • eGuides
  • Webinars
  • A customer knowledge base
  • And more

Additionally, we will still provide innovative, user-friendly all-in-one software to streamline your fundraising efforts and better support your purpose.  

How will updates to Bonterra Guided Fundraising affect my experience within the platform? 

The branding within the product interface has been updated, but the tools you count on will remain and continue to serve your needs. As we work to innovate and improve the product and customer experience, you’ll still have access to the existing tools and easy-to-use interface. 

Will Bonterra Guided Fundraising still provide the same level of support I have experienced as a customer? 

While there are exciting changes coming, one thing that will not change is your relationship with us. There are no changes to these aspects for Guided Fundraising customers:

  • You will continue working with the same support, training, and service teams. 
  • Your data will be stored, managed, and serviced in the same, secure way. 
  • We will continue offering our services and honoring the commitments under your current contract without change, and there is no action you need to take. 

Our team will be here to offer support as you navigate the exciting changes to the Guided Fundraising solution.

Will there be changes to Bonterra’s Jumpstart program? 

No, there will be no fundamental changes to Bonterra’s Jumpstart program. The key program elements, such as the needs assessment, coaching engagement, educational curriculum, platform, technical assistance opportunities, and reporting, will remain the same. 

How will Bonterra continue to innovate Guided Fundraising and upgrade the user experience going forward? 

Over the next several months, we’re excited to roll out product upgrades that allow us to better serve you!

Mobile payment options

We recently introduced Google Pay, which makes it easier for your donors to give on Guided Fundraising campaign pages and during events. This highly requested feature makes giving as effortless (and rewarding!) as possible for donors, regardless of their device or browser. Plus, Google Pay features faster disbursements, so our customers have access to their funds sooner. Apple Pay will also soon be available as part of this update.  

Making payment information ready at the push of a button is a focus across Bonterra. That’s why easy-to-use digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay are also available for our Corporate Social Responsibility customers

Standalone Auctions

With standalone Auctions, customers will have the opportunity to purchase an auction without the full Guided Fundraising solution. This allows anyone who may be interested in Guided Fundraising a chance to experience the product. Plus, customers who need Auctions for a single event can purchase a single auction to meet their needs.  

Continued Auctions upgrades

In addition to offering Auctions as a standalone option, we’re introducing new features so you can better manage your auction experience. When you host an auction through our platform, you now have the option to require participants to enter their credit cards before bidding, which means you don’t need to chase down bidders for payment after the auction concludes. 

We’re also enhancing the admin dashboard to the Auctions platform, which will provide you with the most important information before, during, and after the auction. This means you will be able to quickly and easily complete tasks, generate more bidding activity during the auction, and communicate with your bidders.   

Better fundraising features

Finally, we plan to continue adding features to Guided Fundraising to make you a better fundraiser. Specifically, we want to help you more easily re-engage donors who haven’t given in the last 12 months with in-product engagement paths and insights.  

The future of Bonterra Guided Fundraising

We believe relationships are how things get done, and our relationships with our customers are at the heart of our solutions. We aim to continue equipping you with the tools you need to support your purpose, connect the dots, and improve outcomes across communities. We look forward to continuing our journey as Bonterra, together. 

Read our full product roadmap to learn more about how Bonterra is investing in unified solutions to do better across the social good landscape. 

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