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5 steps to creating and sharing your Giving Day profile

October 24, 2021
This image shows a young businessman smiling and jotting down notes as he creates his Giving Day profile.

Creating your Giving Day profile can easily become a form of artistic expression. You can build a customized profile complete with images that reflect the impact of your nonprofit organization, branded elements, and sharing capabilities.  

Most Giving Days involve other participating organizations or groups, making it that much more important to create an attention-grabbing profile to help your organization stand out from the crowd.

Here are five steps to help you create and share your Giving Day masterpiece.

1. Customize your giving day profile 

When your organization participates in a Giving Day, make sure to choose a tool that doesn’t limit you to just a short description and call to action. Instead, your tool should provide a virtual “fundraising canvas” that allows you to customize the visual elements of the page. Add vibrant and compelling photos related to your purpose throughout your Giving Day profile to help you tell your nonprofit’s story. You can even include videos to show off your organization’s work and emphasize why you are raising much-needed funds. It is a great way to attract supporters and motivate them to engage with your Giving Day profile.

2. Beautify your donation levels

Get creative with your suggested donation levels by adding a photo and a short description to each one. Using giving levels highlights the impact of each donor’s gift and can engage more supporters by providing them with a choice over where their donations are going.

3. Ask fundraisers to share your work

Empower supporters who volunteer to fundraise on your nonprofit’s behalf to create their own fundraising page. Your organization should provide the basic format so the branding and visuals stay consistent with your profile and campaign. Then, supporters can contribute a personal story about why they’re supporting you, helping expand your campaign’s reach to their personal connections.

Peer-to-peer fundraisers can also include images or videos to help shape your supporters’ messaging and better convey why their families, friends, and followers should support your cause. Remember to provide them with content to use on their pages to ensure their fundraiser is following your brand guidelines.

4. Dress up your donation receipts

To increase brand awareness and make for a smooth donor experience, customize the email receipts your supporters get after making a donation. You can include images, logos, a color scheme that matches your branding, and more. In addition to including eye-catching visuals and branded elements, your donor receipt should be:

  • Personalized to the donor (use their first name)
  • Conveying your appreciation with a message like “Thank you, Marcy!”
  • Showing impact with a compelling photo
  • Providing quick access to donation history through a link within the email
  • Inviting them to share the campaign via email or social media

Adding these touches to your email receipts can help you make your donors’ experiences more positive and memorable while encouraging them to share about their involvement online. 

5. Share your Giving Day profile on social media

It’s important that your Giving Day profile design matches your social media efforts to create a sleek, uniform campaign. Utilize downloadable content such as social share images branded to your Giving Day provided by the event host. By incorporating these pre-made graphics into your campaign, your participation in the Giving Day will look great and be instantly recognizable.

Ready to get creative?

If you’re participating in an upcoming Giving Day, use the tips and examples provided above to help inspire your Giving Day profile masterpiece.

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