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The transformative power of modern case management software

May 22, 2024
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Modern case management software can be a valuable tool to support your organization’s work and improve outcomes. However, for organizations considering such tools, it is sometimes hard to conceptualize the benefits that a modern case management solution provides for both your organization and the community you serve. Once you have implemented a tool, what does it look like in action and what are the direct benefits it will have on your program development, service delivery, reporting, and community?  

It can be beneficial to hear from your peers what challenges they were experiencing and how a solution helped to overcome them. This allows you to put yourself in their shoes and see the benefits it could have for your organization. In this blog, we help you do just that by sharing the real-life success story of one of our Bonterra Impact Management customers.  

How modern case management software helped IN-SIGHT increase funding by 20%

  • The problem: challenges demonstrating outcomes, ensuring transparency and compliance 

Prior to implementing Bonterra Impact Management, IN-SIGHT was tracking data in dozens of spreadsheets. This method was inefficient and made it challenging for their team to find the data they needed to demonstrate outcomes, meet compliance requirements, and determine how to improve programming.

  • The solution: data management and built-in comprehensive reports

With Bonterra Impact Management, IN-SIGHT can easily capture and analyze data, make changes, track progress, and combine their data with client feedback to determine trends and opportunities for program improvement. Additionally, the built-in comprehensive report features allow IN-SIGHT to create more impactful, easy-to-read, visual annual reports to showcase their outcomes.

“Having the data has made a huge difference with grants for IN-SIGHT,” said Christopher Butler, executive director at IN-SIGHT. The agency has experienced an approximate 20% increase in funding because they can better demonstrate impact and craft a more compelling impact story through Bonterra Impact Management’s reporting tools.

Learn about more benefits of Bonterra Impact Management

This is just one of the benefits Bonterra Impact Management customers have experienced. Our solution has helped thousands of nonprofit organizations and public sector agencies scale their impact: 

  • Brooklyn Community Services simplified reporting and enhanced data visualization through custom reports and interactive dashboards.  
  • Catholic Social Services improved program workflows and processes through a uniform, centralized data management system.  
  • Arab-American Family Support Center streamlined data entry and moved away from manual data entry through forms and templates.  
  • Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels enhanced case management and participant engagement through regularly generated client reports. 
  • El Mirage Police Department reinforced security and kept sensitive data safe through staff roles and permissions.  
  • Connected Communities seamlessly integrated with their property management platform to eliminate data silos and create a holistic view of their operations.  

Interested in learning how these features have made a difference for organizations like yours? Download our collection of impact stories, “Elevating outcomes: stories of transformative impact from Bonterra's customers” to see them in action. 

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