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Creating a social media strategy for GivingTuesday

October 15, 2022
These two donors are browsing social media on GivingTuesday to find a nonprofit to give to.

GivingTuesday is best known as a giving movement that uses the power of social media to spread generosity within local communities and throughout the entire world. It is a day that amplifies the voices of the nonprofit community as donors actively search for new causes to support. 

We compiled a list of resources from fundraising thought leaders to help your organization make the most of social media on GivingTuesday. Check them out below. 

Why do you need a GivingTuesday social media strategy?

The nonprofit sector has seen an increase in the use of social media for fundraising over the past few years. With peer-to-peer fundraising and online giving at the forefront, it has become increasingly important for your nonprofit organization to have an online presence. 

According to studies, at least half of American adults are now getting their news and information through social media, so it makes sense that they are also using this platform to learn more about causes they are passionate about. The potential to reach donors through social media significantly grows on GivingTuesday. Because this occasion is a whole day centered around giving, their social accounts will be full of their peers sharing their stories of philanthropy and encouraging others to donate. With so much activity on social media that day, it also means that your organization’s message needs to stand out and cut through the noise. Providing fresh, engaging messaging and imagery for your followers is a must. Your social posts should quickly grab the attention of the donor and provide them with a simple, easy way to act. 

Logos and social shares

Official GivingTuesday logos

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The GivingTuesday team encourages fundraisers and supporters of their movement to get creative on social media throughout the year and especially leading up to GivingTuesday. Their team has provided original art files featuring GivingTuesday logos and encourages organizations to make them their own by editing them to fit their branding and messaging. 

GivingTuesday Canva templates

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Social media strategy

Last-minute GivingTuesday tips

To help prepare you for your most successful GivingTuesday yet, this free webinar includes last-minute tips, proven fundraising strategies, and social media and email tips. You’ll walk away with practical next steps that will help make your campaign a success.

The Complete Guide to GivingTuesday for Nonprofits, Community Organizations, and Causes

This fundraising toolkit provides some ideas and basic organizing tactics you can use to rally support for your movement on GivingTuesday. Resources provided include sample social media messaging, tips for activating support on social media, tactics to prepare social accounts for GivingTuesday, and much more!

Social Media for Nonprofits: How to Make an Impact

Learn from experts at LinkedIn on how to create a social media strategy that spreads your organization’s message and helps you attract supporters and donors. This article offers support on how to establish goals, create engaging content, and track progress. 

5 exceptional peer-to-peer fundraising best practices

GivingTuesday revolves around having excellent peer-to-peer fundraising efforts. This article explores how you can follow peer-to-peer fundraising best practices to reach and engage with new donors.  

5 best nonprofit Instagram accounts that motivate donors

You can easily begin to improve your engagement with current and potential supporters using impactful images and captions on Instagram throughout your GivingTuesday campaign. Check out this article that explores some top nonprofit Instagram accounts and how you can emulate their strategies.  

Meta’s Take on Creating Social Impact

In this podcast by Accidental Fundraiser, learn how to leverage Facebook and Instagram as a key fundraising driver for your nonprofit. Discover how to utilize these free tools to reach millions of new supporters!   

Amplify your cause with the power of social media

With great resources in hand, you can easily begin to leverage the power of social media this GivingTuesday to amplify your cause! Having a presence online during this internationally recognized day of giving means you can reach new donors and engage with a wider audience of supporters.

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