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Our 3% by ‘33 vision for social good and its supporting tech

Shawna Reding
Senior content manager, marketing
November 20, 2023
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At Bonterra, we’re on a mission to dramatically increase giving. 

While the average American has grown richer, corporate profits are at record highs, and the number of nonprofits has exploded over the last several decades, giving to charitable causes in the U.S. has been stuck at roughly 2% of GDP for 60 years.  

Bonterra is committed to increasing the giving rate as a percentage of GDP from 2% to 3% over the course of just 10 years — what we call our 3% by ‘33 initiative. 

In our recent Bonterra vision webinar series, CEO Scott Brighton unveiled how we plan to achieve 3% by ‘33 and how our overall technology vision will benefit both your organization directly, and every aspect of the social good ecosystem. In each session, Scott was joined by our product experts, who demonstrated how our new vision applies to the solutions that matter to you. 

Want to watch them again? Keep scrolling for a quick recap of each event followed by the on-demand webinars. 

The future of Bonterra Fundraising and Engagement 

Russ Jenkins, SVP of product for Fundraising and Engagement, shows how our new vision for Bonterra Fundraising and Engagement will enable you to: 

  • Recruit more supporters to propel your impact  
  • Increase supporter engagement with simplified interactions  
  • Empower supporters to recruit others in your cause 

The future of Bonterra Strategic Philanthropy 

Lauren McCarthy, VP of product management for Strategic Philanthropy, shows how our new vision for Bonterra Strategic Philanthropy will enable you to: 

  • Find and connect with nonprofits that elevate your corporation’s funding goals 
  • Award funds more effectively through transparent and efficient grant application cycles  
  • Motivate and retain the best talent through employee giving and volunteerism programs  
  • Maximize the allocation of matching gift funds through a more efficient claims and award process 

The future of Bonterra Impact Management 

Tom Esposito, VP of product management for case management, shows how our new vision for Bonterra Impact Management will enable you to: 

  • Define and manage your case data to tell the most compelling stories about your organization  
  • Illuminate insights that transform your programs  
  • Boost funding by demonstrating your unique and amplified impact

The future of Bonterra 

In order to move the needle on the big issues facing the world, we believe we must work together to strengthen trust in the ecosystem. 

Technology can help. That’s why we created a single platform to increase giving, engagement, volunteering, and efficiency, all of which lead to more trust. 

Together, we are on the cusp of transformative change — change in how you reach your peak impact and change within the communities you serve. 

Let’s set out for 3% by ‘33. 

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Shawna Reding
Senior content manager, marketing
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