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Reach and engage supporters instantly with mobile outreach

March 24, 2022
Two young donors look at a message on a cell phone together.

Getting in touch with supporters through text has been the new normal for the past several years now. For your nonprofit organization, chances are many of your supporters even prefer mobile communication. 

While traditional channels still play an important role in supporter engagement, mobile consistently outperforms email in open and click-through rates, positioning itself as the highest-performing communication channel. Integrating mobile messaging into an omnichannel strategy is a must for nonprofits looking for the latest and best ways to drive engagement.

Here are a few ways you can leverage mobile outreach to connect with your supporters. 


Send mass updates

Broadcast SMS text messages are the fastest way to get information to your supporters. Send fundraising campaign updates as they happen. Thank recent volunteers for participating in an event on the same day. Or, share important information that your subscribers may have missed in an email.

Personalize these messages using your fundraising and communication software to go the extra mile and connect with donors. Create templates for various situations, such as a thank-you message for attending an event. Then, fill in the details with supporters’ names, the specific event they attended, and any other relevant details, like an extra thank you if they made a donation at your event. 

Drive action

Text messages can be an effective tool for moving your supporters to action. Whether you’re directing them to an advocacy form or coordinating volunteers at an auction, SMS reaches your supporters at home and on the go. 

You can get the most mileage from your advocacy messages by making them as easy to act on as possible. For example, when you want supporters to get in touch with their representatives, send them a mobile alert linking to an email template they can use. 



Promote your events through email, social media, and text messages. Get in touch with supporters by sending them a text message personally inviting them to your event. This ensures they’ll see your invitation even if they missed it elsewhere. 

Plus, sending a text right before tickets go on sale or in the days leading up to your event can serve as a reminder to RSVP. 


Every organizer understands the importance of confirming attendees, and one of the best ways to do that is with a text. Use SMS to deliver additional instructions to guests, such as your venue’s address, parking directions, and dress code. 

Text messaging is also effective for staying in touch with your event’s volunteers. Before they arrive, send them a reminder text that includes their shift time, driving directions, and any other information they may need to show up on time and have a successful volunteer shift. 


Text messages can be a great way to encourage giving, particularly for urgent or rapid-response campaigns like GivingTuesday. Include a link in your messages to direct supporters to your donation page.

During your organization’s annual campaigns, text messages are an important part of an omnichannel strategy to send quick reminders to supporters. This might include information about matching gifts, giving deadlines, or your fundraising goals.

Stay in touch with supporters on the go

Text messages make communication quick and efficient, while also giving supporters another way to connect with your nonprofit. Ask supporters how they would prefer to stay in touch with your nonprofit, and encourage them to join your mobile messaging list for relevant updates and engagement opportunities. Then, start drafting mobile messaging templates and get in touch with your supporters.

Mobile Messaging is an add-on with the purchase of any of the following products: Digital, Development, Advocacy, Organizing, and Volunteer Management.

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