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Introduction to Bonterra Case Management Attendance Tracker

June 10, 2021
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Attendance data is used almost universally by public sector agencies, and it’s critical to outcome achievement. That’s why we’re pleased to share the Attendance Tracker feature in Bonterra's Program Management Case Management solution (formerly Social Solutions). Attendance Tracker is available to all Bonterra Case Management Professional and Enterprise customers!

With Attendance Tracker, nonprofit organizations and public sector agencies are able to deliver more informed care and achieve greater impact by unlocking the power of attendance-based insights.

In the Q&A below, we’ll walk through the Attendance Tracker feature and review some common use cases for how and when you can use Attendance Tracker to evaluate achievement. 

What you can do with Attendance Tracker

Attendance Tracker provides your organization with a structured, hassle-free way to collect attendance data and use that information to help determine if participants are on track, at risk, or falling behind. This feature simplifies data entry, saving your staff time and reducing the potential for errors.

Using Attendance Tracker, you can:

  • Organize classes and terms.
  • Add attendance data points.
  • Determine criteria for successful attendance.
  • Gain insights into participants’ risk status.

These features can help you improve service delivery by being more informed about participants’ progress and allowing staff to devote more time to achieving outcomes. Common use cases include tracking attendance for classes, after-school programs, summer camps, mental health counseling, and support groups.

Attendance Tracker Q&A

To give you more detail about using Attendance Tracker within Bonterra Case Management, our team answered the following customer questions: 

Does attendance show up in a Bonterra Program Management customer’s document folder?

The first release of Attendance Tracker does not currently include attendance data populating on the customer’s Doc Folder. This is something we would like to add in the future. 

Is there a way to add more fields in the Attendance Tracker (for example, to track if food was provided for a preschool program)? 

Yes, in addition to marking participants as present or absent, you can track:

  • Time in and out
  • Notes
  • Activities covered

We suggest adding “meal provided” as an activity or a quick note. You can configure those items in “Attendance Notes Settings,” which are accessible in the kebab menu to the left of “Session Manager.” 

Can you upload and export data from Attendance Tracker? 

The first release of Attendance Tracker does not include importing data into attendance tables. Exporting data is supported by including attendance data in the Bonterra Case Management reporting solution and exporting those results.  

Is it easy to unenroll or add someone to a class? 

It is! Here’s the process for enrolling and unenrolling participants:

  • To enroll someone: Click Enroll Participants within the Term. Check their name and they will be added to the Attendance Table. 
  • To unenroll someone: Click the kebab menu next to their name in the Attendance Table, select “Unenroll,” and choose the reason why. 
  • To re-enroll them: Simply follow the same process, except you will find “re-enroll” in the kebab menu.  

What is the best practice for moving data from the reg grid to Attendance Tracker? 

First, evaluate what you need to track. Can anything be simplified or does anything need to be added before moving to the new attendance solution?

Because importing is not supported and there isn’t a migration tool, you would need to manually create your rosters and backfill data. But it is possible to use both and report on both at the same time. 

Is there a link between Tier 1 forms and enrollment? Can you use more than one Tier 1? 

There is an understood link between Tier 1 forms and enrollment. You can take attendance for up to two Tier 1 categories (such as Student, Parent of Student, or Mentor).

Get started with Attendance Tracker

Attendance Tracker is just one of the many Bonterra Case Management features that can help your organization improve service delivery, including scheduling, outcomes reporting, and more. Request a demo to get started today!

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