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Looking ahead with Bonterra Giving Days: Customer FAQs

June 20, 2023
A Giving Day leader smiles as he reads through customer FAQs on a laptop to explore what to expect looking ahead with Bonterra Giving Days.

Last year, GiveGab joined other leading social good technology companies—CyberGrants, EveryAction, Network for Good, and Social Solutions—and launched our official name and brand: Bonterra.

Bonterra, stemming from the French word for “good” and the Latin word for “land,” represents the exponential good that can be accomplished with the right foundation. Our purpose is to equip social good organizations with the innovative technology, unmatched expertise, and strategic partnerships necessary to further their purposes and drive stronger outcomes. 

We remain dedicated to providing the community leaders and educational institutions we serve with Bonterra Donor Engagement’s Giving Days solution and the same high-quality, personalized support you deserve. With a larger investment in understanding the holistic needs of social good organizations, we can provide you with greater expertise to further your Giving Day impact and expand your network.

Below, we’ll address some common questions that many of our Giving Day leaders have been asking in response to our transition as Bonterra, then discuss some exciting platform enhancements to anticipate in the coming year.

Will I still receive the same level of customer support? 

Absolutely! With our in-depth understanding of the complexities and best practices associated with running a Giving Day, we’re committed to continue working alongside you to raise more for your community. Here’s what you can still expect:

  • Working with a dedicated project manager to create goals, meet planning milestones, and keep your Giving Day on track
  • Our extensive automated help center and educational database
  • Live support, powered by our passionate Customer Success Champions
  • Secure data storage and management

We will continue offering our services and honoring the commitments under your current contract without change, with no additional action needed on your part.

Bonterra is committed to maintaining and nurturing the strong relationships that our team has built with our Giving Day customers. Our incredible support team will be there to help you navigate the platform and reach your Giving Day goals. – Casey, VP of Customer Success

Furthermore, we will continue operating our Growth Committee, which will focus on developing key performance indicators, performing data analysis and industry research, and collaborating between departments to identify ways for our Giving Day customers to boost their impact.

Will I still have opportunities to learn from my Giving Day peers? 

You bet! We have seen first-hand how our Giving Day leaders benefit from opportunities to learn and grow from one another. We’ll continue offering our:

  • Exclusive Giving Day Leaders Facebook group. This group will continue to be a customer-only space for members to crowdsource answers to their questions and have open discussions with peers, though we’ll be revamping it with a new look and feel.
  • Buddy Program. This program matches new Giving Day hosts with an experienced peer for a more personal touchpoint.

Reach out to your Project Manager or Customer Success Manager to learn more about how you can take advantage of these resources.

Our network is unique because partners willingly share their ideas and secrets without competition. They are always eager to help and present their expertise to the entire Giving Day community. Bonterra will continue to facilitate collaborative programs for our partners to thrive and grow. – Nickie, Giving Day Growth Manager

While we’re not hosting our annual Giving Day Leaders Forum this year in lieu of a Bonterra-wide conference in 2024, we are currently curating an exclusive series of learning sessions this summer. This series will provide opportunities to connect virtually with other Giving Day leaders and dive deeper into relevant topics related to expanding your events.

How will you receive customer feedback on products? 

We have always believed that the best platform feedback comes from our customers. You’re the ones who are engaging with our platform daily and know where improvements can be made to amplify your impact. Some of our biggest enhancements, such as eCards and advanced analytics, have come from customer feedback, so we’re always eager to hear your suggestions and ideas!

When we are taking in feedback from our partners and their organizations, we can be confident that any improvements to our platform will make a real difference in the success of their Giving Days. – Isaiah, Senior Product Manager

With this in mind, we launched our new Customer Ideas Portal earlier this year. Through the “Submit an idea” button at the top of your dashboard, you’ll be able to directly provide feedback to our product team so that we can continue building the best product for you. We welcome and encourage our customers to leverage this tool for ideas of any size and to “vote” on ideas submitted by other users.

By seeing which suggestions are gaining traction and support, we can prioritize creating enhancements that will truly benefit a large array of customers. This portal, which we’ll roll out across all Bonterra products, will allow us to better understand the specific needs of the social good organizations we serve.

What Giving Day enhancements can I expect in the near future? 

Now, it’s time to answer the big question that’s been on your mind! Here are two main areas where you can expect Giving Day enhancements this year:

Redesigned Giving Day Dashboard

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your Giving Day technology, so you can spend more time on what matters most—getting the word out about the event! Last July, our product and development team conducted a series of interviews with customers to gain insights into how they’re using our Giving Day Dashboard to complete critical tasks.

Using that feedback, we’re working on empowering users to operate more effectively by:

  • Improving the usability of our Giving Day Dashboard
  • Reducing time to value by simplifying Giving Day site setup with an easy-to-use interface
  • Giving hosts more access to configuration settings

Through this redesign, we are allowing our customers to focus more on strategy rather than setup when they meet with their project managers.

Enhanced Giving Day reporting tools 

We know that when it comes to optimizing Giving Days, data drives decision-making. We’re committed to making more data available and providing more flexible tools to generate the reporting needed to inform those decisions and increase community impact right within our platform.

Embracing the future with Bonterra Giving Days

We are excited to see how our continued support and product enhancements will improve your Giving Day impact. And this is just the beginning of what we can achieve together as Bonterra. Collaboration and innovation are key to our success, and we look forward to continuing this journey with you.

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