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FrontDoor: Keeping the needs of nonprofits at the forefront

March 24, 2022
These nonprofit professionals shake hands with corporate partners after closing a sponsorship deal via Bonterra Donor Engagement's FrontDoor solution.

Originally launched by CyberGrants, Bonterra is proud to continue FrontDoor. Bonterra Donor Engagement’s FrontDoor solution facilitates connections between nonprofit organizations, corporations, and donors by streamlining the giving process. 

Rather than going through multiple organizations’ websites to facilitate a corporate giving program, organizations can just use FrontDoor, where all data is stored in one convenient, secure location. This makes giving easy, increasing participation in giving programs and boosting revenue for nonprofits. For instance, while corporations can easily use FrontDoor to manage matching gifts, nonprofit users can efficiently verify and access donations.

What are FrontDoor’s feaures?

Organizations that sign up to use FrontDoor have access to multiple features that make donating easy and secure, including:

  • Vetted organization ownership. All organizations are claimed by authorized representatives of the nonprofit, scored using a proprietary system, and reviewed by Bonterra staff before final approval.
  • Provisioned access to secondary users by organization administrators. Nonprofits can create new accounts for their users rather than sending requests through the Bonterra contact center. This is faster and gives responsibility to organization administrators who know their users the best.
  • Single sign-on into customer accounts. Once a user signs into FrontDoor, they can access any client’s nonprofit portal via a convenient sidebar menu. When they want to visit multiple websites, they just need to click a different client name and leap into the next portal.
  • Single record to update and maintain. Changes made in one nonprofit’s record are automatically available to all clients with that organization in their giving portfolio. Giving organizations this power and clients this access ensures that everyone uses the latest, most accurate information.

What are the benefits for nonprofits?

Over 123,000 nonprofits use FrontDoor thanks to the fundraising advantages it provides. These benefits include:

  • Improved experience and efficiency. Nonprofits can log into one secure website with an optimized, closed-loop giving ecosystem.
  • Instant organization maintenance. Whenever a nonprofit updates its profile or banking information, all organizations will instantly see the new changes reflected. 
  • Time saved on administration. Nonprofits that use FrontDoor can spend less time hunting down corporate sponsors and more time fulfilling their purposes. 

What are the benefits for funders?

Nonprofits getting started with corporate social responsibility can jumpstart their program with FrontDoor. Funders can get connected with nonprofits and receive benefits, like:

  • Access to the information hub. FrontDoor provides corporations with all the data they need to connect with nonprofits in one location. 
  • Connections with a curated list of nonprofits. Save time tracking down nonprofit points of contact by using FrontDoor to connect with authorized nonprofit representatives and get accurate details about their organization. 
  • Seamless organization maintenance. Confidently approve philanthropic gifts with the knowledge they’re being sent to reputable nonprofits. Plus, with FrontDoor, you can be sure you have each nonprofit’s correct mailing address and verified bank account. 

Join FrontDoor

Are you a nonprofit or corporation looking to build connections and create an impact? Sign up for FrontDoor and get verified by our team to learn more about other trusted organizations in our network. 

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