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Bonterra Case Management updates: An FAQ guide for 2023

December 19, 2022
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At Bonterra, we’re committed to updating our products with cutting-edge features for our customers. In the first half of this year, Bonterra Program Management’s Case Management (formerly Social Solution)’s product team focused on features and updates that align with the following themes: 

  • Strengthening Case Management Foundations. As our industry and technology continue to evolve, we have been heads-down focused on ensuring we provide the best possible platform. This year, we are doing that with upgrades to our billing service, improved accessibility, and several technical upgrades throughout the year. 
  • Delivering on Most Requested Key Features. We’re introducing new features based on your feedback! From the ability to receive notifications related to dates with Time-Based Alerts, to complex reporting configurations based on other criteria, we are continuing to serve the evolving needs across social good organizations. 
  • Building Long-Term Accelerators with Data. We know that data drives decisions, so we’re focused on general reporting enhancements that help your teams gain insight and show your program’s impact. 

In the roadmap recording below, we give more details about these product updates for the first half of 2023. We look forward to better supporting you in 2023 and beyond! 

Bonterra Case Management Q&A

Are the new features product-specific?

Yes, all new features or functionality discussed in the webinar are specific to certain Bonterra Case Management products or the product tier. If you have questions about a particular product or feature discussed, please reach out to your Client Success or Account Manager to learn more.

You mentioned that Time-Based Alerts will be available to Enterprise customers. Is there a timeframe for when this new functionality may be available to Fundamental or Professional customers?

We don’t have plans to release Time-Based Alerts to Fundamental or Professional customers at this time.

Are Rules & Alerts available to Fundamental customers?

No, the Rules & Alerts feature are only available to Professional and Enterprise customers at this time. 

With Time-Based Alerts, will I be able to create alerts for yearly recurring dates, such as birthdays?

Yes! Birthday notifications are a great way to use “Day Of” events in the rule creation.

What about Time-Based Alerts for something slightly more complex, such as three days before a birthday?

Yes! When building the rule’s logic, for example, you can select the “Upcoming” event type and select three days before Use Record Date Field > Date of Birth.

Will Time-Based Alerts consider the user’s time zone?

Yes, Time-Based Alerts respect each Apricot database’s time settings.

Will the Time-Based Alerts allow participants’ ages to auto-update?

No, but it could prompt users when to make those updates. We recommend upvoting this submission in the Ideas Portal.

With Rules & Alerts, will all staff members be able to create and set their own alerts?

Not yet, however, this is a great idea. In this first iteration, all alerts are system-generated based on admin-defined logic.

When building Rules & Alerts, are there any tips you would recommend to ensure the best experience for my organization?

We recommend starting slow and being very thoughtful when building new alert logic. Alerts should be targeted and timely to have the greatest effect. It is important to avoid creating more alerts than your staff can easily manage and avoid alert fatigue. Too many complex Rules & Alerts may unintentionally slow your workflow.

Once released, which tiers of Bonterra Case Management is Inventory: Bed Management available for?

Inventory will be available to Enterprise customers upon initial release.

Will the new Inventory functionality interact with Tier 1 Participant Forms?

Yes, Inventory will allow organizations to know which of their participants are using their resources.

Will the new Inventory functionality be able to handle other types of resources besides beds?

Yes. While beds within the housing industry are our primary focus for the first release of this feature, this is a foundation for other types of goods.

Making the most of your Bonterra Case Management license

To ensure that you leverage all of the features Bonterra Case Management has to offer, stay updated on our blog posts and webinar series, where we share educational content about our products and topics relevant to nonprofit organizations. If you aren’t already a Bonterra Case Management customer and are looking to level up your nonprofit’s management capabilities, consider strengthening your impact by requesting a demo today.

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