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3 signs you’re ready to move into a new nonprofit CRM

March 25, 2022
These two nonprofit professionals are looking at their organization's CRM on a computer screen.

Your nonprofit organization wants to optimize its digital engagement programs and expand into new channels. To get the support you need, you’ll have to leverage a constituent relationship management (CRM) platform that consolidates your donor information to be used in future outreach.

If you already have a CRM and you’re wondering if the time has come to move to a new one, look for the obvious signs. In this webinar, digital strategist Maureen Wallbeoff explains which factors you should consider before packing up and moving into a new nonprofit CRM.

Watch Ep. 16: Three signs you’re ready to move into a new nonprofit CRM on YouTube.

Please Note: This webinar was originally produced by EveryAction, now a Bonterra solution. As a result, it features outdated branding, and you may hear references to products that have been renamed.

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