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As the adult female nonprofit smiles, she shakes hands with a donor before the park cleanup begins. Learn how to build donor relationships like this in this donor appreciation guide.
Case Study

Driving ROI: Case management for nonprofits

Data is increasingly important for nonprofit organizations, with 87% of recent respondents indicating it is moderately to extremely important to operations and decision making. Using case management software can help organizations measure their performance and streamline how they house, organize, and analyze program data. Hobson & Company worked with Bonterra Program Management (formerly Social Solutions) to explore these challenges and found that their solutions address specific client challenges to deliver a quick and compelling ROI. This research study and paper aims to highlight examples of validated use cases where the impact of the Bonterra Program Management is strategic and measurable based on key metrics confirmed by current users.

    Program Management
  • Human services
  • Nonprofits
  • Public agencies
  • Coordinating social services