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10 best nonprofit newsletters for industry professionals

August 19, 2020
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As a nonprofit professional, you’re always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve. For example, you might ask yourself: What trends am I seeing across the nonprofit space? What thought leaders, peers, and names are on the rise? And most importantly, how can I strengthen brand awareness for my nonprofit and engage new audiences?

One tool that can have a major impact on your nonprofit’s brand recognition and supporter engagement is email newsletters. Nonprofit newsletters are essential not only for nurturing supporter relationships, but also for establishing your brand among other social good organizations.

Whether you want to find nonprofit newsletters to read so you can improve your sector-specific knowledge or you’re looking for inspiration to create your nonprofit’s own newsletter, you can get started with this guide to the 10 best nonprofit email newsletters. Let’s dive in!

1. Nonprofit Tech for Good—Weekly newsletter

This newsletter campaign provides insights into many areas of the nonprofit sector. It’s a general collection of links from Nonprofit Tech for Good’s excellent blog, including articles, webinars, and even conference recaps.

Subscribe if: You’re on the hunt for educational content to enrich your general nonprofit expertise.

2. Moz—The Moz Blog newsletter

Moz is a helpful resource for all things search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing, areas from which nonprofits can learn a great deal. If you want to stay ahead of the digital curve, you’ll want to check out Moz’s newsletter. In particular, their Whiteboard Friday videos are a fantastic resource to enhance your SEO knowledge.

Subscribe if: You’re in the nonprofit communications or digital marketing sphere and want to stay on top of trends in the field at large.

3. Nonprofit Hub—Hubcap

Nonprofit Hub not only creates useful content for nonprofit professionals, but produces a well-designed newsletter that stands out from others you might find in your inbox. If you’re looking for a newsletter you can absorb at a glance to decide which articles you’d like to read, this one is for you.

Subscribe if: You have a very busy schedule, but you still want to read a few articles.

4. NTEN—Connect Monthly

Do you like your newsletters nice and brief? How about granular and involved? Either way, NTEN’s Connect Monthly newsletter is right for you. Whether you prefer to skim the blog posts and webinars or dive deep into details, NTEN has everything you need.

Subscribe if: You can never find enough content to satisfy you.

5. Your state nonprofit association’s monthly newsletter

While it’s great to know what is going on in the nonprofit sector nationwide, it’s especially important to know what is happening in your backyard. Search the National Council of Nonprofits’ database for your state association’s newsletter and stay up to date on the regional issues that affect your organization. 

For example, the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits produces several informative newsletters based on readers’ topics of interest and location, offering an organized and informative newsletter program where subscribers can curate their own experiences.

Subscribe if: You always find yourself saying, “How did I not know about that?”

6. National Council of Nonprofits—Nonprofit Knowledge Matters

While you’re signing up for your state association’s newsletter, you might also want to subscribe to the National Council of Nonprofits’ emails. Their newsletter will keep you informed on any national policy issues that affect your work while connecting you with some valuable tools and nonprofit best practices.

Subscribe if: You have a reputation for getting things done at your organization.

7. Big Duck—Nonprofit communications newsletter

Although Big Duck is a hardworking nonprofit branding and marketing agency,  their content also deals with all sorts of other nonprofit communications situations. Whether you’re trying to explain a new solution to your organization’s leaders or fine-tuning your GivingTuesday fundraising appeal, Big Duck’s newsletter can provide helpful insights.

Subscribe if: Next-level marketing, branding, and communications are important to you.

8. SM4NP—Monthly newsletter

SM4NP stands for Social Media for Nonprofits, run by J Campbell Social Marketing. If your role has anything to do with tweeting, liking, sharing, subscribing, or following, then this newsletter is for you. Navigating the complex world of social media is much easier when you have expert advice on your side.

Subscribe if: Your workday is filled with scheduling Facebook posts, designing Instagram graphics, and filming TikToks.

9. We Are For Good—Multimedia newsletter

From its eye-catching website to its bingeable nonprofit podcast, We Are For Good is a content-generating machine that informs and entertains its audience with all things related to the nonprofit world. Its multimedia newsletter, like the rest of the We Are For Good brand, is packed with educational content delivered in a fun format. 

Subscribe if: You want to keep a pulse on the nonprofit world with plenty of fun content and touchpoints to keep you engaged!

10. Buzzfeed—This Week in Cats

This Week in Cats is one of the most popular newsletters in the world—after all, cats on the internet are a phenomenon that transcends human understanding. This newsletter is guaranteed to deliver happiness and stress relief every Friday without fail.

Subscribe if: You have a pulse.

Stay up-to-date with nonprofit newsletters

Now that you’re familiar with 10 of the best email newsletters the nonprofit world has to offer, it’s time to create one for your organization. Look to these examples for inspiration as you find the right blend of content and strategies that work for your organization’s unique needs. With a little creativity and the right email marketing tools, you’ll be well on your way to crafting compelling newsletters for your nonprofit.

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