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February 16, 2024
Two people work together in an office on an open silver laptop. There are papers and pens scattered across the desk in front of them. One person has short, light brown hair and is wearing a light blue button-down shirt and a brown blazer, while the other person has long red hair and is wearing a dark shirt.

Our vision to grow the giving rate as a percentage of U.S. GDP from 2% to 3% by 2033 — a number that hasn’t significantly changed in the last 50 years – is an ambitious one. Growing this percentage benefits every aspect of the social good ecosystem, including nonprofits, corporations, grantmakers, and public sector agencies. One of the ways we’ll realize this vision is through an integrated tech lineup that will propel each organization to reach their peak impact. In that spirit, we’ve designed our roadmap to uniquely address challenges that stand in the way of this progress across the sector — and we’re excited to unveil it to you in this series of webinars.  

Whether you’re focused on fundraising and engagement, strategic philanthropy, or impact management, Bonterra has a solution that is purpose-built to help you raise more, match more, grant more, and impact more. Below we share highlights from our recent roadmap webinar series. Discover how we’re investing in our products to support our vision and the sector as a whole.  

Impact Management roadmap 

Tom Esposito, VP of product management for case management, shares our vision and roadmap themes:  

  • Increase program capacity by continuing to improve our core case management functionality with a focus on helping our customers stay ahead of increasing demand with peak service delivery. 
  • Measure program impact by making it even easier for our customers to track the outcomes of their programs. 
  • Improve program impact by continuing to advance our industry-leading reporting tools to bring even more insight into our customer’s programs. If you can measure it, you can improve it. 

Strategic Philanthropy roadmap 

Lauren McCarthy, VP of product management for Strategic Philanthropy, shares our vision and roadmap themes: 

  • Increase participation in giving and volunteerism by providing employees (in the US and globally) the opportunity to give to international organizations. 
  • Discover aligned opportunities through an improved FrontDoor experience that better connects corporations and nonprofits with shared goals.  
  • Increase granting efficiency through eSignature integrations and improved auditing capabilities.  

Fundraising & Engagement roadmap 

Russ Jenkins, SVP of product for Fundraising & Engagement, shares our vision and roadmap themes: 

  • Make it easier to set up and adopt our solutions through initiatives like lowering the administrative burden for staff, improving primary navigation, and strengthening reporting. 
  • Manage and use your data intelligently with investments in email and deliverability, advocacy targeting, clearer list management, duplicate reduction, and more. 
  • Streamline your outreach efforts through more transparent membership management, eliminating gaps in event management, improved insights into donor histories, and more. 
  • Optimize your fundraising with enhancements to payments, new and enhanced mobile giving methods, smoother donor self-service features, and more. 

We came together as Bonterra with the goal of increasing giving, engagement, volunteering, and efficiency for the greatest good. We’re excited to see how these product investments help our customers move the needle on the big issues facing today’s world. 

Roadmap FAQs 

Impact Management FAQs 

What does the process look like to move from one Impact Management product to another?  

There are several ways to transfer data between our Impact Management products. The migration will look different for everyone depending on their complexity and amount of data. We recommend talking to our team to learn more!  

Is Inventory Management available for all Impact Management customers?   

Currently Inventory Management is only available to Impact Management customers using Apricot 360. If you are interested in leveraging Inventory Management but are not an Apricot 360 customer, please reach out to your account manager.  

Can inventory be set up for different locations, or is it an organization-wide inventory?  

Currently Inventory Management is organization-wide. We are actively exploring Inventory respecting Site and Programs and Role-Based Permissions.   

Can I customize Program Enrollments?  

Program Enrollments are not customizable. As we look to the future, we're looking for ways that we can give program insights out of the box for the data points that are standard across most (if not all) of the Impact Management customers using Apricot. Where those standard data points don't fit for your organization, we recommend attaching a Tier 2 to your Program Enrollments to capture information specific to your programs. Our goal is to provide a consistent experience while also allowing you to tailor Apricot to your data entry needs.  

How does our existing ASC support package compare to the new premier support package?  

With the ASC package you only receive ASC services. With Premier Support you receive ASC services along with the added value of a Program Manager to help coordinate internal and external stakeholders, customized training, monthly hours, and priority support, which moves you to the top of the queue. 

What is the Ideas Portal?  

Impact Management products Apricot, ETO, and Penelope each have an Ideas Portal where users can submit and upvote ideas for improvement. Our product team reviews new and highest voted ideas weekly. We strongly recommend using the portal, it's one of the best ways to have your voice heard and organization reflected in the product's roadmap.  

We have a lot of ideas for ways we would like to use the API, what are the plans for this year?  

We would love to hear from you on how we can improve our API. Please submit any ideas to our Ideas Portal. One of our key focus points is improving the Apricot API's performance so that it can be even more powerful for our partners and customers using it today. 

Strategic Philanthropy FAQs

For the eSignature integration, which providers are supported?  

We are currently planning to support DocuSign, AdobeSign, and OneSpan Sign. Our design allows for future expansion to include other providers, but there are no current plans for additional eSignature integrations.  

How is the economic value of volunteer hours calculated? Or is there a proxy value being leveraged? 

We are currently valuing volunteering at $31.80 per hour, based on Independent Sector data.   

How does Bonterra verify ACH status? 

We use a third-party verification service. In the event they are not able to verify banking information themselves, we manually verify in-house. 

How can nonprofits register for FrontDoor to more easily connect with Funders? 

Nonprofits can register for FrontDoor via our Bonterra website

Will donor segmentation such as LYBUNT (Last Year But Unfortunately Not This year) & SYBUNT (Some Year But Unfortunately Not This year) be included with the Advanced Donor Analysis updates? 

Yes. With our Advanced Donor Analysis updates, admins will be able to identify who their repeat and lapsed donors are through various Retention Type categories: 

  • Repeat-Retained - Donors who gave for the last two years in a row (including the current year) and in any prior year. 
  • New-Retained - Donors who gave for the first-time last year and have given again this year. 
  • Recaptured - Donors who gave prior to last year, did not give last year, but have given again this year. 
  • New - Donors who gave for the first time this year. 
  • Lapsed - Donors who gave last year but have not yet given this year. 
  • Lost - Donors who gave two or more years ago but did not give last year or this year. 

How will you plan to max out matching through increasing claims? 

This year, we plan to improve the way employees can see and understand their matching gift balances so that they know what's still available to them and how they might submit a matching claim. Additionally, we plan to make it easier to create and manage matching gift programs for administrators.  

Will all users now be able to schedule events in 15-minute increments?  

Yes. For creating events and logging hours, users will now be able to do so in 15-minute increments.  

Will all users be able to change their preferred date format themselves?  

Yes. To do so, users will need to update the date format on their browser or operating system. From there, the change will be detected within their platform.  

Will donors be able to give to international organizations in their local currency? 

All donations to international organizations will be processed in U.S. Dollars. However, donors can view their donation in their preferred currency so that it's easy to choose the appropriate amount.  

Will a user incur a foreign transaction fee? 

Depending on a donor’s card issuer or financial institution, they may incur a foreign transaction fee. 

Fundraising & Engagement FAQs

When is Bonterra going to roll out artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML)?  

Good news, we already have, and there’s much more to come. We were ahead of the curve by previously releasing several predictive models such as DonorTrends and OptimizedAsk, which enhance fundraising by identifying potential donors and tailoring ask amounts. Additionally, our email scoring algorithm improves deliverability, while fraud prevention safeguards your contribution forms. 

This year we’re expanding access to DonorTrends, and we're experimenting with more contribution form optimizations. Personalized ML-driven event recommendations are coming to Mobilize, and we're exploring ideas for generative AI around email writing, segmentation, and reporting. 

Will you continue to support Salsa? 

Yes. Salsa continues to be a great product with many great features, and an important member of the Bonterra product portfolio. We will continue to actively improve Salsa, and you will see exciting enhancements rolling out continuously throughout the year.   

However, if you are interested in migrating to another Bonterra product, please reach out to your account manager. If you do not have or are unsure who your account manager is, please reach out to

Which payments methods do you support on EveryAction and Network for Good? Are you adding more? 

As your supporter experience platform, our goal is to make it easier for your donors to give in ways that are convenient and appropriate for them, encouraging them to give more often. Bonterra Payments, our fully embedded, optimized payments offering, already supports credit card, ACH, Apple Pay, and PayPal giving on EveryAction, and we’re working to add Venmo as a payment method as well.  

On Network for Good, Bonterra Payments currently supports credit card and Apple Pay giving, and is being expanded to support PayPal, Venmo, and ACH as well.  

Through Bonterra Payments, we’re working to improve the set-up processes for all new payment methods to make it easier for you to offer these payment methods right away, and we regularly evaluate additional payment methods and fundraising form optimizations to ensure that your donors are always able to give quickly and easily.  

How can I access the Double the Donation integration on EveryAction? Where can I learn more? 

EveryAction encourages donors to see if their gift will be matched by their employer and, if so, request that matching gift through integrations with both Double the Donation and CyberGrants, Bonterra’s own strategic philanthropy platform. Our CyberGrants integration is automatically available on all EveryAction contribution forms, and the Double the Donation integration can be enabled by connecting your organization’s Double the Donation account through the EveryAction CRM. Take a look at our help documentation for more details!   

Additionally, as detailed in the presentation, we are looking at adding Double the Donation to Network for Good later this year. 

How do I learn more about Events & Auctions/Volunteer Management/Giving Days, or anything else covered in the presentation?  Are these part of my subscription? 

To find out what your subscription includes, or learn about Bonterra’s suite of Fundraising & Engagement products, reach out to your account manager or email

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