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3 ways CSR benefits your employer brand and company culture

July 11, 2021
CSR benefits your employer brand by helping you build connection with those in your community, like these two people featured conversing in the photo, and attract customers.

Your employees make up the foundation of your business’ employer brand. Having high job satisfaction and high retention rates help advertise a positive employer and employee relationship and a productive work environment that attracts new talent. 

Engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR)  can attract new employees while also boosting engagement and loyalty with the employees you already have. Thus, one of the best solutions to enhancing your employer brand lies in the CSR and philanthropy efforts that your company pursues throughout the year. Let’s dive into how launching CSR initiatives with existing employees is advantageous to your employer brand.

CSR attracts fresh talent

Workplace trends show that most modern companies focus their recruitment efforts on millennial and, more recently, Generation Z  workers. The majority of these workers want to represent a socially-responsible business, making CSR initiatives an effective way to recruit fresh talent.

In fact, 75% of millennials would take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company and 88% feel more fulfilled in their role when they are provided with opportunities to make a positive impact on social causes. Thus, providing transparency and collaboration in CSR-related topics is a great way to help with retaining and recruiting millennials. 

CSR empowers employees to make changes

Most employees want to be involved in decision-making, but they want to be able to help in their own way. Modern workers prioritize having a manageable work-life balance, meaning they want companies to provide opportunities to make a lasting impact beyond the nine-to-five work schedule. Moreover, 83% of workers wish their employer would provide volunteer opportunities they could do with friends or family.

By empowering your employees to choose from a variety of CSR opportunities, you let them choose the options that best fit their own interests. This increases their satisfaction with you as an employer and provides you with a way to showcase your efforts to help the community.

CSR boosts employee involvement

Implementing more CSR efforts that directly involve employees as decision-makers can enhance how your employees interact within your company. Eighty-seven percent of employees cite personal recognition as one of the most important motivational aspects of job satisfaction. In other words, implementing CSR efforts that include employees and celebrate their efforts helps to improve job satisfaction and increase employee retention.

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CSR’s internal and external value

Creating CSR efforts that cater to your employees’ interests helps them make a greater impact and boosts their engagement with your business. CSR initiatives also skyrocket your employer brand’s value to the public. Talk with your employees about how you can enhance your CSR offerings. They’ll appreciate your hard work and dedication to worthy causes.

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