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Control your data, your story, and your funding

July 19, 2023
This image shows a nonprofit professional using Bonterra's Case Management solution to control their nonprofit's data, story, and funding.

At the heart of every nonprofit organization and public agency lies an unyielding commitment to its purpose—a commitment streamlined by the power of organized data systems. As frontline workers dedicate themselves to their cause-critical work, the need for a robust and flexible solution becomes evident. 

Bonterra Program Management’s Case Management solution (formerly Social Solutions) steps onto this stage as a transformative force, empowering organizations to control their data, shape their stories, and secure funding. In this quick guide, we’ll uncover the flexible features that allow you to gain control in these areas of your organization.

Control your data

In data management, control is paramount. Case Management allows you to define and manage your data however it works best for your organization, then alter your approach as your needs evolve. Consider the following highlights of our solution:

  • Customizable staff roles and permissions stand as a sentinel of confidentiality and security. Customize access levels to ensure that sensitive data is available only to authorized staff members. This control fosters accountability and data integrity, exemplified by the El Mirage Police Department’s Victim Assistance Unit, which operates with unwavering confidence in Case Management’s data security.
  • Case Management integrates with other systems to create interconnected data ecosystems. Seamless collaboration between systems eliminates service interruptions and assures consistency—an embodiment of control in action.
  • The ability to outline program workflows and processes allows organizations to forge a cohesive path. Define and implement standardized processes to ensure that everyone follows consistent procedures. This structured approach allows you to efficiently navigate challenges and continue fulfilling your purpose.

Customizable forms and templates within Case Management simplify manual data entry with streamlined, user-friendly forms. Our flexible solution gives you the power to record and track data that is significant to your purpose.

Control your story

Every nonprofit’s narrative is woven from its data. Case Management’s forms and templates not only organize data entry but also serve to amplify control over this narrative. These customizable templates can align with your unique reporting needs so you can gather and synthesize data efficiently. 

An effective case management solution allows your organization to manage: 

  • Client and participant information
  • Case files
  • Service plans

Not only will this ensure those you serve receive the right services at the right time, but it will also ensure you have all of your data in one place—a single source of truth that everyone can leverage to control your data and your story.

Case Management also offers powerful reporting and data visualization tools. Custom reports and interactive dashboards are available at the click of a button to fuel evidence-based decision-making and to articulate your organization’s unique impact to internal and external stakeholders. 

Control your funding

The storytelling that is unlocked by controlled data and customizable reports is key in supporting conversations with funders and applying for grants.

Through Case Management, you can monitor funding sources and spending with ease, ensuring: 

  • Compliance with grant requirements
  • Transparency within your organization 
  • Enhanced accountability to both funders and stakeholders 

Thinking Beyond Bed’s journey speaks to the transformation of its strategic plan, exceeding its growth goal by 167% with Bonterra’s Case Management solution. Organizations that have control over their program management solutions look better to prospective funders, are easier to work with, and make more compelling cases for funding.

Start controlling your data, story, and funding

In the complex world of nonprofits and public agencies, control over data, storytelling, and funding is essential. Bonterra’s solution emerges as a guiding light, offering a flexible and robust solution. Unlock the potential to better serve communities, elevate narratives, and drive change with an unwavering impact by requesting a demo today.

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