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We are now Bonterra

Bonterra stands with those impacted by Roe v. Wade decision.

July 06, 2022
A protestor stands in a crowd holding an equality sign as part of the fight for reproductive justice.

Bonterra exists to power those who power social impact, and one of our core tenets is to champion the doers of social good—the people working behind the scenes everyday to make social good possible and drive impact in their communities. Many of our customers work tirelessly every day to lift people out of multi-generational poverty and domestic abuse environments, secure safe housing, ensure adequate healthcare, and much more.

The decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will make it harder to drive this social impact progress. Removing access to essential abortion care is proven to increase complications and deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth, exacerbate health inequities, and negatively affect economic mobility.

Bonterra stands with those impacted by this decision, particularly our customers, partners and employees. And we aren’t alone. We have seen supportive action taking place through the Bonterra platform in unprecedented numbers.

To our customers who serve marginalized communities every day to help make their lives better: your work has never been more important.  We will continue to reach out to you and support you in this critical time.

Resources for those seeking support or information on ways to take action

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