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Announcing the 2022 Giving Day Spark Awards recipients

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August 11, 2022
Four women at a table in an office applaud the Giving Day Spark Awards recipients.

The team behind Bonterra Donor Engagement’s Giving Days solution (formerly GiveGab) recently celebrated the second annual Giving Day Spark Awards at the Giving Day Leaders Forum. During the reception, we recognized six deserving nonprofit organizations and partners for their commitment to their communities. 

As the only Giving Day awards in the country, the Giving Day Spark Awards celebrate hardworking, innovative leaders who spark community engagement and fundraising growth. We want to congratulate and recognize the following 2022 Giving Day Spark Awards recipients for their incredible efforts. 

The Spark Award: Give Local York

Give Local York, a Giving Day devoted to supporting the nonprofits of York County, PA, is honored with the Spark Award for sparking outstanding community engagement. Hosted by the White Rose Leadership Institute, this team does an incredible job engaging nonprofit organizations, businesses, and community members from across York County. 

Throughout the Giving Day, Give Local York’s team coordinates interviews with local nonprofits to share their stories and the impact that they have on their community. They work with businesses of all sizes to run local events, and they even close down their main downtown street for nonprofits to engage directly with the community and share in the spirit of the day.

Watch our on-demand video, Giving Day Origin Stories, to hear how Give Local York became a philanthropic hero for their community with their Giving Day.

On May 6th, 2022, Give Local York raised $4,173,3330 for 292 local organizations.

New Face of Giving Days: Give.Care

After experiencing incredible success with its inaugural Giving Day in 2022, Give.Care won the New Face of Giving Days Spark Award. The host organization, Planned Parenthood of South Atlantic, created this Giving Day in response to a need for reproductive healthcare support, education, and awareness in their community. 

Even in the face of a turbulent time for their organization due to changing reproductive health laws, the planning team rose to the occasion and harnessed their energy toward empowering peer-to-peer fundraisers, which led to gifts from 295 additional donors. 

During the first Give.Care Giving Day on May 19, 2022, they raised $226,857 from 966 donors.

Renaissance Leader: #HudsonGives

#HudsonGives, a Giving Day that supports the nonprofits of Hudson County, NJ, is recognized as the Renaissance Leader Spark Award recipient for being a highly effective, efficient Giving Day launched and promoted with limited resources. 

This Giving Day is led by a single team member: Maria Nieves, president and CEO of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce. With support from a small steering committee of local nonprofit administrators, #HudsonGives has quadrupled its dollars raised since its first Giving Day in 2019. In addition to its aspirational growth, #HudsonGives serves as a launching pad for organizations in the community to better understand the importance of social media literacy and peer-to-peer fundraising to successfully and sustainably fundraise year-round.

During their fourth annual Giving Day on May 12, 2022, #HudsonGives raised $754,082 to support 102 Hudson County organizations.

Growing Impact: Dam Proud Day

Our new Growing Impact Spark Award goes to Dam Proud Day for leading innovative efforts that resulted in significant year-over-year growth. This Giving Day raises money for Oregon State University, whose mascot is the Beavers. In only their second year with Bonterra Giving Days, saw increases of 36% in dollars raised online, 60% in online donors, and more than 55% in total gifts. 

Dam Proud Day also continues to grow engagement through the extensive use of matching gifts, challenges, and a robust ambassador program. In 2022 alone, they had more than 130 matches incentivizing donors to participate in their Giving Day. In addition to these impressive metrics, Dam Proud Day does a fantastic job of involving its campus partners to spread the excitement of its Giving Day. 

During their 2022 Giving Day on April 17, the university raised $1,565,538 through 6,417 gifts.

Partners’ Choice: Love Your Longwood Day and The Big Give

Love Your Longwood Day and The Big Give are both celebrated as winners of the Partners’ Choice Spark Awards. Both Giving Days—hosted by Longwood University and The Nonprofit Council, respectively—have consistently stepped up as mentors and friends to other partners and are always willing to share best practices and brainstorm new ideas. 

These partners are thought leaders in the fundraising space and have transformed philanthropy across their communities. In addition to the support they’re so willing to provide to their peers, they are also incredible advocates for Bonterra Giving Days, providing crucial feedback to ensure our platform continues to grow and serve the needs of Giving Day leaders and their communities. 

During the March 24, 2022 Love Your Longwood Day, Longwood University raised $392,496 to support campus initiatives. On September 23, 2021, The Big Give raised $5,245,624 for 433 organizations operating in San Antonio, Texas.

Final thanks to all of our Giving Day partners

Bonterra’s industry-leading Giving Days solution wouldn’t be what it is today without some of the brightest minds and most forward-thinking fundraisers who host their Giving Day events alongside us. Our bold and determined partners inspired the Giving Day Spark Awards, as we sought to recognize their efforts and success. Congratulations to all of the 2022 award recipients!

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