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The social impact transformation

See how you can re-engage employees, revive nonprofit funding, and renew your impact when you transform CSR into true strategic philanthropy.

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has come a long way since its inception, growing from an obligation to a necessity for a successful business. Today, employees consider an employer’s commitment to social good when deciding where to work, and consumers want to buy from purpose-driven brands. Despite the increasing importance of CSR, employee engagement and funding volume have declined over the past few years.

At Bonterra, we believe the problem is missed connections which results in missed potential for CSR. If employees aren’t connected to their workplace giving programs and nonprofits can’t build the right kind of corporate partnerships, CSR won’t reach peak impact. In this guide, we’ll show you how to eliminate these missed connections through strategic philanthropy — an approach to CSR that is hyper-focused on connecting businesses, employees, and nonprofits. Inside, we’ll discuss:

  • How CSR began, how it has evolved, and the trends shaping its future.
  • Why employee participation and corporate funding volume have declined.
  • Why missed connections between employees, businesses, and nonprofits limit the potential of corporate philanthropy.
  • How to level-up your CSR strategy and achieve strategic philanthropy through the right nonprofit partnerships.
  • Bonterra’s vision for strategic philanthropy and our plan to make it a reality.


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