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Reimagine Healthcare Fundraising with Giving Days

Like many foundations, Essentia Health experienced a dramatic shift in fundraising in 2020. Moving away from an in-person Gala, they embarked on hosting a Giving Day event, and never looked back!

Giving Days are high-impact digital events that enable you to reach new donors and foster a community that cares.

In this webinar recording, healthcare fundraising experts LeAnn Mouw from Essentia Health Foundation, and Beth Hatcher from Beth Interactive Inc. discuss:

  • Essentia Health Foundation's shift to Giving Days
  • Marketing and outreach strategies
  • How The Gift Goes On grew substantially in 2021
  • Giving Day return on investment
  • How to make GivingTuesday work for healthcare
Watch Reimagining Healthcare Fundraising with Giving Days on YouTube.

Please Note: This webinar was originally produced by GiveGab, now a Bonterra solution. As a result, it features outdated branding, and you may hear references to products that have been renamed.

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