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Proving your nonprofit’s impact to funders

In this piece, we dig deeper into the Foundation Research Study, with analysis and best practices for reporting, data collection, and more.

Two women harvest fresh lettuce together. One is wearing a red plaid shirt and overalls, and the other is wearing a sun hat, white shirt, and overalls.

Nonprofit organizations are in the business of creating an impact. To deliver on their mission, organizations require support. This support comes from volunteers, community members, and funding sources. No matter the vertical, community, or size, every organization needs more funding to provide better service delivery. But, it may be hard to know what funders are looking for during the application process. The most common question we hear is: “How can we receive more funding?”

So, what do funders want? We recently released our Funder Research Survey to find the answer. Here’s our assessment of the data.

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