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Guide to nonprofit annual reports

Discover how to share your organization’s impact and highlights with an engaging annual report.

Two colleagues look at a desktop in a modern office while calculating their nonprofit's key performance indicators (KPIs).

In this helpful annual report template guide, you’ll learn the tips and tricks how to create a meaningful and impactful annual report that your donors will find value from. This guide also includes a real-world example focused on the "Paws for the Cause" annual report that showcases the inspiring work of the nonprofit organization that provides service dogs to people with disabilities. Their annual report highlights heartwarming stories of how these highly trained dogs have transformed the lives of their human companions, enabling them to gain greater independence and mobility. It also presents compelling data on the impact of service dogs, demonstrating their ability to help individuals with a wide range of disabilities. Overall, their annual report delivers a powerful testament to the transformative power of human-animal partnerships and the critical role that "Paws for the Cause" plays in promoting inclusion and dignity for people with disabilities.

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