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Grantmaking simplified

A tactical guide for corporate funders looking to improve grantmaking efficiencies, enable more strategic funding, and unlock more time to focus on causes that matter.

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When it comes to grants management, it’s no secret that there are challenges for all stakeholders across the entire grantmaking lifecycle. For corporations and foundations, reviewing grants and disbursing funds often involves manual workflows and complex approval criteria. For nonprofits, many don’t have the time, expertise, or resources that are required to find suitable funding opportunities and complete multiple applications. Luckily, there are ways that grantmakers can streamline and simplify processes for their teams and nonprofit partners alike. In this guide, we’ll discuss six ways you can improve the grantmaking lifecycle, including how to:

  • Create transparent processes for more effective, efficient funding.
  • Set realistic goals and build an impact reporting framework.
  • Foster ongoing, long-term partnerships with nonprofits and grantees.
  • Encourage grantee feedback to build better, more tailored programs.
  • Enhance your disbursement processes to reduce administrative burden and ensure compliance.

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