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Equitable giving assessment

Evaluate your workplace giving, volunteering, and grantmaking processes through an equitable lens to deepen employee engagement and drive meaningful community impact.

A volunteer shows a group of children how to plant and water a tree.

Through the lens of corporate social responsibility (CSR), equitable giving is becoming increasingly important as a means to increase engagement and maximize impact through accessible opportunities.

Unfortunately, identifying gaps in your company’s employee giving or grantmaking programs can be a complex, tedious process. We’ve designed this assessment to help you understand where your program barriers exist. As you complete it, engage in honest reflection about your organization and its programs. Afterward, we’ll provide you with three bonus resources to help you better understand your barriers and take meaningful action to address them.

Here’s a sneak preview of the questions we’ll leverage to guide your evaluation:

  • How do you incorporate employee feedback when building your company’s CSR strategy and programs?
  • How do you leverage CSR programs to connect employees with similar interests and build community?
  • How are you measuring impact in low- to moderate-income communities?
  • How do you reduce biases within your grantmaking processes? How do you identify diverse organizations and nonprofit leaders to support?



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