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The emerging participation paradigm.

As companies prioritize flexibility and equity within their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, new channels for philanthropy have emerged

A group of helpful volunteers arranging and packing cardboard boxes with free meals and give away to any needy families and local community facing financial difficulty during an outdoor charity food drive.

The "Emerging Participation Paradigm" is a new way of thinking about corporate philanthropy that emphasizes employee engagement and empowerment. This eBook from Bonterra Corporate Social Responsibility (formerly CyberGrants) explores how companies can embrace this paradigm by incorporating technology and a more collaborative approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. By fostering a culture of giving and involving employees in the decision-making process, companies can not only enhance their impact on communities and causes but also benefit from increased employee satisfaction and retention. Discover case studies and practical advice for companies looking to adopt this new paradigm and transform their CSR programs.

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