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Centering equity in collective impact initiatives

Speaker: Jennifer Splansky Juster, Executive Director of the Collective Impact Forum

The collective impact framework delivers strong, collaborative, and connected impact while also reducing siloed approaches and using cross-organizational impact that ultimately supports equitable systems change.

The complex issues and problems facing philanthropy and the nonprofit sector today require an approach that is collective, laser focused on outcomes, and one that brings diverse stakeholders working together.

Jennifer Splansky Juster, executive director of the Collective Impact Forum discusses:

1. The five conditions of collective impact and how to launch an initiative.
2. The important role funders have.
3. How to center equity within collective impact initiatives.

Watch Centering equity within your collective impact initiatives on YouTube.

Please note: This webinar was originally produced by Network for Good, now a Bonterra solution. As a result, it features outdated branding, and you may hear references to products that have been renamed.

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