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We are now Bonterra
Unlock the power of corporate giving


CyberGrants is now Bonterra FrontDoor.

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Bonterra’s FrontDoor solution simplifies the connection between nonprofit organizations and their corporate partners.

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Centralize your data

Streamline the management of client relationships, pending gifts, and payment history by using a single set of login credentials.

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Safeguard sensitive information

Ensure confidential information, such as banking and financial details, remains protected against unauthorized access through secure organization verification.

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Maximize your impact

Optimize giving operations to provide funding and receive gifts more efficiently, accelerating the flow of resources to nonprofits.

How it works

FrontDoor centralizes nonprofit data to expedite communications and payments with corporate partners.

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One-stop updates to your organization’s profile and banking information that are automatically reflected across all of Bonterra.

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Access payment console for administrators to review details on payments from all companies made to your organization.

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Review and confirm pending donations for your organization across Bonterra.

FrontDoor success stories

Get started with FrontDoor

See how you can get your team up and running with intuitive technology that will simplify and streamline your workflows.

Step 1: Register your nonprofit

Nonprofit organization registers for free and creates a profile in FrontDoor.

Step 2: Verify your organization

Bonterra vets nonprofit organizations by partnering with the IRS Business Master File and other global databases to guarantee the nonprofit meets the charitable standards of our corporate customers.

Step 3: Start building connections

Nonprofits save time by centralizing all their organization data into FrontDoor and corporations begin streamlining application confirmations, expediting payments to nonprofits, and fostering stronger relationships with their partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact the FrontDoor support team. For the fastest response time, we recommend reaching out to support by clicking on the link located within the email you received. Or if you have registered as a Bonterra Corporate Social Responsibility user, please log in and click the “Need Support” link located at the bottom of the page.

If you are an administrator for your organization, login to FrontDoor and use the ‘Payment Console’ function in the sidebar and use the filters to find your payment information. If you are a Bonterra Corporate Social Responsibility user but not a FrontDoor administrator, please log in and click the “Need Support” link located at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, we recommend reaching out to support by clicking on the link located within the email you received.

Bonterra connects the world’s givers to those who can benefit the most. We may disburse funds on behalf of our Corporate Social Responsibility clients, but we do not make approval decisions. You must complete the application process and meet the necessary requirements of that respective organization.