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Four young children play together outdoors. All four have brown hair and are smiling. From left to right, one is wearing an orange t-shirt, the second is wearing a yellow shirt and overalls, the third is wearing a pink t-shirt and jeans, and the fourth is wearing a blue t-shirt and striped pants.
Case Study

Sandy Hook Promise

Sandy Hook Promise (SHP), their associated Action Fund, and their supporters take regular advocacy action together to advance policy that aligns with their mission of preventing gun violence. After the May 24, 2022 mass shooting in Uvalde, TX, Sandy Hook Promise and their supporters took action to advocate for legislation to reduce the risk of such tragedies happening again. Read this case study to learn how Bonterra’s solutions were able to not only support SHP in passing this key piece of legislation, but also in helping SHP to meet fundraising goals, give supporters a smooth experience, and make their digital work more efficient during urgent moments.

    Donor Engagement
  • Nonprofits
  • Digital communications & marketing
  • Fundraising ideas