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Case Study

Alison Cook Beatty Dance Company

Alison Cook Beatty utilized Bonterra Fundraising Essentials to launch a five-week, integrated fundraising campaign under the guidance of her personal fundraising coach. This campaign included a number of milestones to celebrate, including a new website, a new promotional video, and their new 501(c)(3) status. Alison Cook Beatty Dance Company's first major fundraising campaign significantly surpassed its goal, furthering their work and support for their artists. Since starting with Bonterra Fundraising Essentials, Alison and her three-person staff have become better organized and more efficient, allowing her to focus on her mission, choreograph new pieces, and cultivate community and donor relationships through better supporter experiences.

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Watch Alison Cook Beatty Dance Company Exceeds Goals and Impresses Donors on YouTube.
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