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How to maximize CSR programs using the right solution

July 25, 2023
This image shows a business woman discussing the company's CSR program with her team at a meeting.

With 94% of major US corporations planning to increase or maintain their charitable giving in the next few years, it’s no mystery that more and more companies are prioritizing corporate social responsibility (CSR.) These programs have great potential to benefit both your corporation and the organization you support when they’re effectively managed. 

To boost the effectiveness of its CSR program, your company must explore, analyze, and engage with important data. That’s why a scalable solution is vital to making the most of your CSR program. Incorporating the right tools into your CSR strategy can help you understand your impact, make real-time decisions, and measure equity. 

Bonterra Corporate Social Responsibility empowers companies to make data-driven decisions and build meaningful programs to address top-of-mind issues. Let’s explore how Bonterra’s tools can help you analyze your giving and volunteerism efforts, ultimately providing you with the information and tools that are necessary to maximize impact. 

Harness the power of data to understand your impact

To help you gain a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of your CSR initiatives, you must be able to measure your efforts. Aggregate and visualize grantmaking and volunteerism activities at the community level by tracking:  

  1. Grants: Monitor your corporation’s budget and use data visualization capabilities to illustrate your impact through detailed reports. Use application questionnaires to learn more about grant applicants and connect more deeply to their needs.
  2. Giving and matching: Make it easy for employees to get involved in your corporate giving program by offering multiple giving options, from credit cards to payroll deductions, and streamlining the overall donation process. Manage all of your charitable giving efforts on a single, easy-to-manage platform to enhance your philanthropy results.  
  3. Volunteerism: Record key details about employees’ interests to align your volunteerism efforts with causes they’re passionate about. Create leaderboards to encourage healthy competition between employees and track volunteer hours to better understand your volunteer program’s impact on the community.

By visually summarizing the communities or areas that have been impacted by volunteer hours or approved grants, Bonterra Corporate Social Responsibility can help you better understand how your programs impact communities in need. Plus, you can use your data to develop meaningful reports, share the success of your philanthropy initiatives, and boost transparency with your stakeholders.

Grow your CSR program with CRA-qualifying activities

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) can significantly increase lending in communities that need it, especially when contributions, such as volunteer hours, are tracked accurately. 

Bonterra Corporate Social Responsibility allows users to efficiently gather and analyze CRA data to track progress against their goals. Plus, you can report on CRA-qualifying activities in local communities with a platform that allows you to: 

  1. Organize your data: Aggregate CRA-qualifying activities across various CSR initiatives, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of your community involvement. 
  2. Gain powerful insights: Access your CRA-qualifying activities in an easy-to-understand format, enabling you to streamline reporting, track progress against your CRA goals, and communicate your impact on low-and-moderate-income (LMI) communities effectively to your stakeholders.  

An easy-to-use CSR solution can create endless possibilities for your program! Simplifying your initiatives and operations will not only make it easy for employees to participate but can also help you tap into meaningful insights from accurate and detailed data.

Start maximizing your CSR program’s impact

While Bonterra Corporate Social Responsibility unlocks a streamlined way to measure and track CRA goals, it also offers a plethora of benefits for our non-banking customers. To learn more about how they may be uniquely positioned to help your organization, consider requesting a demo today. 

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