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Improving grantmaking with Bonterra’s Jumpstart program

July 06, 2023
Two nonprofit professionals sit at a table with a laptop, paper, and a pen to prepare their website for the year-end giving season.

Nonprofit organizations work tirelessly to help their communities overcome major challenges and provide support during trying times and beyond. However, this work comes with its challenges, and many nonprofits struggle to raise enough money to sustain their purposes.

That’s where grantmakers come in. By funding nonprofits, you can help boost nonprofit resilience and future-proof their operations. But how can grantmaking organizations help address the specific challenges that nonprofits face? Let’s learn more.

What key challenges do nonprofits face?

Nonprofits face many challenges that prevent them from providing the support that their beneficiaries need. Several key themes surrounding their obstacles include:

  1. Nonprofit organizations’ biggest challenges are raising money and developing an annual fund.  
  2. Over half of participating nonprofits said their board is hesitant or even defensive when asked to fundraise.  
  3. Supporter cultivation, including upgrading donors to major gift levels and acquiring new donors, is another major challenge.  
  4. Over half of respondents do not actively use fundraising technology to support their efforts.  
  5. White-led organizations are much more likely to have access to fundraising technology as opposed to their BIPOC-led counterparts.  
  6. Almost all of the respondents said they would invest money in fundraising support (such as fundraising technology) if a return on investment were guaranteed.

From this research, it’s clear to see that nonprofits face quite a few obstacles to future-proofing their operations and ensuring that they provide the support their beneficiaries need. That means that grantmakers need to be more intentional and equitable about the support that they give to help nonprofits overcome these challenges.

How can grantmakers help nonprofits? 

While programmatic grants can help nonprofits fund their work, capacity-building support is key to moving the needle and strengthening the nonprofit community. By investing in the infrastructure of nonprofits, they will be able to address and overcome the challenges listed above.

For example, if an organization receives capacity-building support such as what is offered through Bonterra’s Jumpstart program, they receive access to the technology needed to better support their organization. Fundraising technology allows organizations to better manage donor information, execute campaigns with easy-to-use fundraising pages, communicate with supporters, and ultimately acquire and retain more donors to raise more unrestricted funds.

Not only will nonprofits be able to address the challenges they’re facing currently, but capacity-building will also help secure a nonprofit’s future. With capacity-building support, you’re investing in a nonprofit’s ability to be self-sustaining.

How can Bonterra’s Jumpstart program help?

Many types of grantmakers improve their grantmaking with the Jumpstart program. Let’s examine three types of grantmakers that can benefit from our solution.


Providing your nonprofit community with a menu of options will not only break down barriers to unrestricted funding but also allow you to serve a broader range of organizations. The Jumpstart program is a great way to empower your nonprofit community by providing them with the tools they need to address their challenges. Plus, the program starts with an assessment of the nonprofit’s needs, which allows you to better understand the challenges directly affecting your community and where you can provide support.

Public sector agencies

By investing in the Jumpstart program, you can support important initiatives while advancing the capacity of local nonprofits and improving your local economy. The Jumpstart program shows you the progress of the organizations you have supported, illustrates the positive impact you created in your community, and provides open and transparent guidelines for nonprofit partners to work alongside your agency. It does this all while building the critical infrastructure that lets local nonprofits fulfill their purposes, raise more funds, and ultimately effect change within the communities they serve.


By investing in the Jumpstart program, you can help nonprofits overcome challenges, cultivate relationships with your nonprofit community, and illustrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility. Through the program, nonprofits your employees care about will receive tech-enabled capacity-building support, professional development opportunities, and fundraising coaching, allowing them to become more effective and efficient, ultimately making a lasting impact within the community.

Investing in Jumpstart to invest in nonprofits

Regardless of what type of grantmaking organization you are, the Jumpstart program has a way to improve your grantmaking operations. This allows you to maximize the positive impact you create on your nonprofit community. So if you’re serious about helping nonprofits become self-sustaining, consider learning more about how you can invest in the Jumpstart program to support nonprofits!

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